Sunday, August 31, 2008

Audrey Nicole

Two years ago on August 29th, my little Audrey was born. Her due date was the 17th, and as you can imagine, I was anxiously awaiting her arrival. I had acupuncture I think three days in a row that week because I was already past my due date, and Colorado midwives can only deliver at home up till 14 days past the due date. If I had had to head to the hospital, because of my previous c-section I probably would have been forced into another c-section. Finally I went into labor, after seriously 5 weeks of contractions which were often 7 minutes apart.

By 10pm the 28th, I knew I was in labor and the midwife sent her apprentice to monitor me and time contractions. I got a little panicky, realizing how intense this was going to be. At one point I had a mini panic attack, laying on the floor, feeling like I couldn't breathe, even between contractions. It took me a while to wrap my head around labor. Eventually I got it together. By 4 am things were pretty intense, but I managed to eat a few bites of the chicken soup I had prepared for myself - I knew I might need some protein for energy. Then Nick and I actually went to bed and slept between contractions. At 5:30am my water broke and I threw up, signaling transition, but I still had a tiny lip of cervix. I kneeled on the floor at this point, making a whole lot of noise. We were just waiting for the urge to push. That went on for 2 hours. I kept saying I couldn't do it anymore and I kept doing it anyway. Finally the midwife checked me again and I was fully dialated but without the urge to push. She thought that was super weird, but showed me what to do. I never did feel any urge to push, even while she was crowning. 30 minutes later, my little Audrey was born. 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 22 inches long.

She nursed beautifully, right away, and was in terrific shape. I had one tiny tear that didn't even require stitches. I was too wiped out to bathe right away, so about an hour later, Audrey and I slept for 4 hours. We were in our own house, in my own bed, on our own timetable, with no nurses poking at us. It was wonderful. After our nap, my parents brought Hannah to see us. She was only 16 months old, but she was fascinated. I don't remember ever having any jealousy issues between them until Audrey started walking a year later.

Our little Audrey is growing into a beautiful little girl with a great sense of humor. She is kind and affectionate. She LOVES to color. She loves to play with Toby the dog. She has the cutest facial expressions and comments to make. She refuses to eat red meat or bananas. Her laugh is contagious. Happy Birthday, precious baby girl!

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  1. Whew! That's quite a birth story! Good for you for doing it naturally after a c-section and how nice to have her at home and sleep or whatever right away!
    Happy birthday, little one!