Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sometimes I wish I had thicker skin.

All the political talk wears on me after just a few days of it. I start to feel emotionally...raw. I haven't even had any arguments about it. But I'm amazed at how many different STRONG opinions there are about what our country needs in a leader, even among people who agree on almost everything else. And because it's such an emotional issue, it's scary to even try to talk about those differences.

If it could be a non-emotional conversation, I would love to discuss politics. I feel like discussing ideas actually means something, and you can learn a lot about other people by how they relate to ideas. But most of the time I feel too thin-skinned to be able to take it when someone else has a deeply held view that feels completely contrary to mine. It literally makes my stomach hurt and I feel all shaky. Why is that? Am I just needing to be liked by other people?

Here I go anyway...

I want the United States to be a great place for my children and their children. I want leaders who will govern with principles that line up with my other beliefs (not forcing religion on other people, but defending its freedom, since that's what our nation was founded on). I don't agree with legislating morality, I think taking care of abortion, for example, is a job better done with the love of God's people, but neither do I want to pay for someone's abortion with my taxes. I believe the government takes enough (or too much!) of my money in taxes and should be responsible with what they have, not ask for more. I believe churches do a better job taking care of people in need than the government does with programs. I believe foreign policy is best left to someone with a much better understanding of the world than I have, but I believe it's the job of the government to protect and defend its people - that's what the Bible says is its job. I do not like angry, victim mindset people, just in general. If someone is angry and not doing anything about it, they just really want to stay angry in my opinion. If I work hard, I want to see the fruit of my labor. If someone refuses (not where they can't work, that they refuse) to work hard, they should not live off my work. I want people to tell the truth, to live with integrity, and be no-nonsense about...nonsense.

That's what is important to me in a politician. So, here's my idea. Give us your list of what's important! Don't attack what I believe, tell me what you believe, because I'm interested. Follow the format I just set up, and tell me what you think a politician should do and be. No being mean! Remember, I'm thin-skinned. :)


  1. I think we may agree more than we both think! :) Good post!

    I would say, I'm pretty much a libertarian, and will vote so, or not vote at all maybe, we'll see.
    Gotta vote my conscious, and neither of the 2 main parties fit in with my biblical worldview whatsoever.

    Issues that are important to me, include:

    1.Less government

    I just read a great blog where the author said something like, if people are going to picket abortion clinics and gay marriage, why don't they picket cults, and other religions, because when it comes down to it, we will never be able to legislate morality unless we are living in an ACTUAL God-fearing country.

    I completely agree with that, and would add that as much as I would have previously seen this as a cop -out, lately I have been more and more inclined to remove myself from politics and spend more time living in "the kingdom of God" if that makes sense. The time I spend agonizing over political matters and arguing to make a point, could be used to actually do good on an individual basis...

    I don't think that's the government's job, I think it is MY job, and the job of every Christian I know.
    The church is NOT doing her job, in my opinion.

    2.Better LEGAL opportunities for immigrants and a system that would help include them legally, not allow them to live on American tax dollars. I don't think it's either give them the boot, or let them live in a country with no regard for rules.

    3. War. This is hard, because it's important to me, but another one of those things where maybe I surrender to Caesar what is his, and live my life the way I believe I should.

    I don't think there is any biblical grounds for war. Even the argument most make under "Just War" is faulty because there has never in the history of time been a war that has lined up with every value of the "Just War Theory".

    Our church hosted an excellent informative meeting about war and pacifism, and I just can't look back after I believe my eyes have been opened to the true call of Jesus, and his will for us regarding violence.
    I could go on and on and cite a hundred verses and reasons this is true, but I don't think that was the point of the blog:)

    I believe that everyone has the right to life, whether it is a civilian boy in Iraq, or an unborn child in America.

    I don't think we should all have guns, but again...maybe not the governments place to legislate.
    I'm on the fence about that one.

    I agree with you..I get so emotional and I'm so tired of talking about it, and I wonder if the people who get SO angry and SO riled up on either side are putting too much hope in the wrong thing..??

  2. Wow, that's good. I will do that on my blog, when I get it all together. That's a great idea. I agree with you on discussing politics. I love to discuss my views, but when someone close to me has a completely different view, it makes me not want to like them. I know that's bad. That's not what Jesus would do. But I like your idea. I will try it (if I remember when I get a chance to blog again!).

  3. Politics. It can be such great conversation if done properly. However it's really difficult and hurtful to talk politics with friends especially if you have different opinions. I don't think it's because you are as thin skinned as you think, it's because what we believe make us who we are and when someone doesn't agree with you it feels like you are being attacked as a person when in reality it's just a disagreement. Does that make sence? I would love to share how I feel about certain issues that you brought up but I have to take a bit to think of how to word it because I don't neccisarly agree with some of the stuff you said... So I'll be back to this.

  4. Flo - I've always suspected that. I think a huge part of politics is semantics, just the words people choose to describe what they think. :) I'd say I'm Republican with a Libertarian streak. :)

    Irene - I think you're totally right - it does feel like people are somehow disagreeing with you as a person. But I guess my point is, why should that matter? Unless I have some sort of guilt over what I believe, why should someone else's opinion make me uncomfortable, you know? It's weird...

  5. I blogged on your topic and linked your blog entry. I loved doing it! Check it out at Thanks!