Thursday, March 6, 2008

Helen Keller

Have you seen this new picture of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan that they just found?

I'm fascinated.

Like probably pretty much everybody, I read a biography of Helen Keller as a child. Did you remember that Sullivan was 20 years old when she started working with Keller? I didn't. As I look at the picture though, I have such deep questions.

What inspired this young girl to be so devoted to this child? I have a hard time being that devoted to my own children sometimes!

How did she see potential in a child who couldn't see or hear? Keller was angry, spoiled, hateful. She would hit and kick all the time. I give up on people far too quickly.

Keller is a testimony to being believed in. I mean, if someone had not believed she could learn, she would not have become the scholar she became. I'm just very baffled and inspired by Sullivan's devotion.


  1. So true. I think it must have been something she was passionate about and really believed in Helen.

    Like social workers have to really love it to that job. I have friends that are social workers and the horror stories they tell--they do it because they love and want to help children.

    I have to believe that Anne Sullivan was the same way.

  2. I love that picture- you know, "a picture is worth a thousand words". I, too, was always fascinated with Helen Keller's story as a child. Makes me want to go back and read it again- I'd probably learn a whole new set of things now that I'm an adult.