Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Headlines

So, I've decided that calling what I do here every Monday "highlights" is rather a misnomer. Some of them are highlights, others are just stuff that happened. Thus, headlines.

Here we go:

1. No students this week. Weird.

2. ORU basketball is in the championship. Honestly, if my husband didn't care so much about this, I wouldn't probably even know it had happened. But since it did, it's kind fun, I guess. They're actually playing in Denver on Thursday afternoon. Nick is plotting to go. We'll see what tickets cost.

3. We're potty-training Hannah. She'll be 3 next month. It's time. I have been really lazy about this, honestly. The thought of having to run to some NAASTY public bathroom anytime we're out is not my idea of a good time. Still, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. She's currently sitting on the couch in Elmo panties. This worries me.

4. I have to go get fillings at the dentist tomorrow. Lame. My dentist sure is good though.

5. We were supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow last night. We got about 2...maybe.

6. We finished the choir recording over the weekend. Have I mentioned how much fun it is to do that? The music, the challenge of learning something on the spot and singing it perfectly, the people, listening to Pastor Ross be silly and profound almost simultaneously, and God. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend. Now we need a relaxing week, and some time with the girls.

7. I can't believe I'm about to say this...we got the coolest litter box for our cat. It looks like a big rubbermaid storage tub with a hole cut in the top. There is physically no way he will throw litter all over my house ever again. I cannot express to you what a relief this is. And he seems to like it.

8. It looks like we're going to plan our 10 year high school reunion in the top floor of a bar. I can't decide what I think about this, especially since I graduated from a Christian high school. If we lived in Europe it wouldn't bother me a bit, so it's more about the way people see it than a problem I actually have with the location or alcohol itself. It's super cheap and a good way to have a fun night with people from high school without having to charge $50 or more per person. I'm just not sure that's a good enough reason.

Alright. Time to get started on my flylady stuff for the day. I'm supposed to go dust the light fixture in the bathroom. Neato.


  1. Christian High School reunion at a bar??? That is funny. Are you sure there are no other options? Maybe it is cheap for a reason.

    Potty training...oh how I loathe potty training. Cooper has pooped on the toilet half a dozen times, this thrills me but I am getting tired of the false alarms. Most of the time I think he just wants to hang out in the bathroom.

  2. Seriously. What is the fascination with the bathroom???

    We've about exhausted other options. Nothing is available and we're trying to do homecoming weekend. Arg.

  3. SO keep a potty and a gallon of water in your car. Clean out everything from your trunk and set up a little bathroom. Since you dont have an SUV hold up a sheet or towel for privacy. We do this and I don't let my kids use any kind of public restrooms. You can really get diseases and stuff from that. Epecially children who's little hands don't mind touching gross toilet seats. I am completly disgisted with public restrooms. I probably shouldn't say this but it changed my life forever: The hospital rooms at the hospital I worked at (I won't name it just for my protection) are not even clean. They are supposed to be completly sanatized and disinfected. Think again the next time you have to go to the hospital. NAAAASTY. They "supposedly" have to do a thourough job cleaning, and I've seen them take a rag and quickly dip it in their already dirty bucket water (which should be changed out for every room but is not) and swiped missing all kinds of important areas and then the room is called "sanatized." The NAAASTY stuff that flies all over those rooms makes me sick to think of entering into a hospital room let alone a public restroom with much "lower" standards. Don't do it! Take the time to go potty before you leave and if they gotta go, park your grocery cart or whatever and take a trip to the car. It's worth it.

    Potty training can be a hard thing to start but once it's done it's sooooo nice. Don't let other people's scary potty training stories make you nervous. You have your own child and it will be a different experience for you. It's actually very rewarding to see them feel so achived. I think 3 is a good age. Mother nature just does it's job at that point I think. With a little guidence. Good luck! What a long comment! Sorry!