Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun Links

Jess posted a whole blog full of links. These are my favorites.

Reflexology map - these are the points on your feet you can rub to benefit different body parts, or you can find where the "knots" on your feet are, and figure out what the problem is. There's a link to the hand map also. Fascinating.

Toddler Dress from Man's dress shirt - I am so going to do this.

Cheap Natural Cleaning supplies - I can always use new combinations of the standard baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil. :)

Population - I haven't read much of this site yet, but it looks like the concept of overpopulation is another one of those stupid ideas with no basis in reality.

I HATE LEFTOVERS - Ideas to make eating leftovers a little more palatable. Gross. Maybe this would help.

Have you found any fun links recently?


  1. Um that dress is so so cute but there is absolutely no way on earth I could pull that off. If you do that you are so amazing and it might inspire me that it could actually be done. Hey maybe we could make it a playgroup activity! We could have craft day! Ooh fun! That way when my dress turns out looking like a giant hat or something I won't be all alone and I'll have someone to laugh with. You know what else we should make at craft day? Those cool signs you hang in your house. You know the ones people pay $30 for and have cute sayings on them...get some wood, paint it, and stencil letters! We could even sell them...ooh my mind is working.

  2. haha! Little trivia for ya - I actually took sewing lessons from the lady that is Pastor Ross's assistant years ago. My mom is also an accomplished seamstress. So, if nothing else, I could call her when I got stuck. :)

    Either way, we should totally do the craft day. Bekah crochets, and I've been after her for forever to teach a bunch of us how to do it. I have these visions of making baby stuff if/when we have another baby. lol