Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing Important

I have no motivation today whatsoever.

We have a friend from ORU coming to town today. He's bringing his girlfriend along. He's staying with us and she's staying at my parents about 10 minutes away. What she doesn't know is that tomorrow morning he's taking her hiking and he's going to propose. Tee hee.

In spite of the fact that I'm looking forward to seeing them, I have absolutely no motivation to straighten my house today. Nor do I want to get myself ready. Nor do I want to try to keep the girls happy at a restaurant while we try to socialize. These kinds of visits are not what they were when we were child-less, and I don't expect child-less people to fully understand what they require of us. No offense intended to the child-less out there... I guess I'm just kinda tired and I haven't felt very good this week.

My parents are taking my youngest sister to California on Thursday for Spring Break. I wish we could go. My 19 year old brother just got his first job. He starts Monday. He is a computer whiz, and will be making more money than he will know what to do with, especially since he still lives at home. I'm so excited for him. He's the nicest guy.

We went to choir last night, and I bought a cd from the wife of my former boss when I worked as a worship ministry secretary. They now go to our church, and their son (who was about 7 when I worked for them) just put together this little demo cd with his friend. I'm really impressed! There's nothing there yet, but their website will be here. They did all the singing and played all the instruments themselves.

The weeks have been flying by. I can't believe it's Good Friday and Easter is this weekend. I wish there was a way to get the message of this week deeper into my heart. I feel like I've heard it so many times that it fails to have the impact I still want it to have. I used to love being involved in the huge Easter production at church, because after the 50th time through the story, it actually started to get in. That day will come again.

Life seems...complicated lately. We've been talking about our long-term goals around here. This raises more questions than it brings answers.

I finally did it - I weaned Audrey last week. Almost immediately I have no appetite whatsoever. This amazes me, and further underlines how many calories it takes to do that.

Guess I'll go do something productive.


  1. The SAME Thing happened when I weaned Amelie a few weeks ago!
    No appetite at all, and I lost about 5 pounds without any additional excersise.

  2. Despite the lack of appetite, you totally need to eat. You are a skinny minny.

    I know how you feel about not wanting to do anything...I call this terminal malaise :)

    As for the childless friends...that is such a tough one. I never want to go out to dinner with the kids because you don't get to sit and eat and relax. The entire meal is spent trying to keep the kids from screaming and disrupting the experience of other dinner--it is soooo not fun (for me at least). If we want an adult dinner--we get a babysitter.

  3. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. :( When do you go to see Dr. P? I hope he can help you figure it out!

  4. I hope the girlfriend doesn't read your blog. :)
    I prayed for you this morning. Hope you're feeling better. See you soon!

  5. I agree with you about the whole going out to dinner with other people who don't have children. They just don't seem to understand why they can't get deep meaningful conversations at dinner or why there are so many intteruptions. Or think the things your kid does at the dinner table are as cute as you think they are. It's very different.

  6. I felt like I was the one writing the beginning of this post! I've been there so many times; I still can't figure out why I get like that...
    I also weaned Ava this past week, or more like she weaned herself. She's almost 16 mos- she's nursed the longest of my three. Perhaps it's because she may be our last and I was willing to put up with her squirrel-iness longer than the boys!

    I haven't notice a lack of appetite, but I also gave up sugar for Lent (I have a food addiction) and so my appetite has changed anyways.

    Hope you had a good visit with your friends...

  7. Flo-Nice! I never knew that happened when people weaned.

    Christina-I'm eating... :) We actually ended up coming back home and sitting here with friends. It was really fun, and when the girls got tired, we just put them to bed!

    Liz-I'm on the waiting list for Tues and Thurs next week, and the first appt they had was next Sat. So sometime this week. Hopefully we'll be able to figure stuff out.

    Joanna-She doesn't. :) And she's currently on her way to Boulder to go on a special hike. :) Thanks for the prayers.

    Irene-Thankfully, they were a lot more understanding than I expected them to be. :)

    Shelly-How's the sugar fast going? I get SO cranky without any sugar at all. We did have a good visit.

    I think it's really funny how I was just griping, and everybody had a thought. :)

  8. Chin up, girl!

    At least you're not addicted to caffeine like some people.

    On a not-at-all-related note, have you ever seen the talk Louis Giglio gave during Chris Tomlin's tours? You can find it on YouTube, I think. It's kind of motivating to might find it to be a good pick me up!

    Caffeine is evil.

  9. lol. Is caffeine your newest "evil food?" :)

    I'll have to look for that talk.