Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Headlines

Happy Easter, everybody! I was struck this weekend with the fact that Jesus really did forgive ALL our sin by dying on the Cross. We no longer have any condemnation in Christ. So like, hypothetically of course, if my house happened to be a mess simply because I was lazy...I am forgiven. Now go and sin no more. Heh.

1. I got my piano tuned this morning. Apparentely the people who have tuned my piano (which was given to me about 2 years ago-that's another story) have been rather lazy. It was never tuned to A 440, just to itself. Therefore it took my poor piano tuner 2 hours to get it right. I always knew it was flat, but since we've moved it twice since it's been tuned, I just assumed that was the deal. Anyway, it sounds better than it ever has! Yay! Now my students and I can play along to recordings, something I love to do in lessons.

2. It's nice outside today. I have the kitchen window open and Moses the cat is sitting in it, looking outside. I can't wait for nice weather!

3. College friends were here Friday night and left before we woke up Saturday morning. It was so fun to visit with them, and in spite of my fears, were very laid back and patient with our kiddos. We ended up hanging out here at home and putting the kids to bed. We stayed up late telling old college stories. Good times. Funny memories.

4. Church was so fun yesterday. We got to sing in choir for two of the three services, and the illustrated sermon that used scenes from our long-running Easter production was very powerful with our new pastor's interpretation. Our church just finished a teaching series on Grace, and with that in the background, the story of the resurrection was fresh and relevant as ever.

5. We have a relatively quiet week this week. I'm hoping to work on my piano curriculum and some things for Maeve.

6. Flylady is helping me so much. You know that feeling that you get when you know you need to clean the house and you just don't know where to start? This is a system you can follow that teaches you where to start. I don't do all of it. I'm one of those rebellious ones who refuses, in spite of everything she says, to wear shoes all day. But the principle, the heart of the thing is really helping me.

7. High school reunion planning is getting irritating. We can't find anything affordable AND classy. It is very lame. Plus, our high school seems to think we are weird for even wanting to have a real reunion. They don't even know who to have us talk to for questions we have - can we get a tour of the school? Can we get contact info for our old teachers? Who knows, really? Arg. Any brilliant ideas? We're back at square one this morning. We're even willing to totally change the date.

Alrighty. I'm off to make lunch and play my piano. :)


  1. Thanks for your continual mention of the "Fly Lady". I finally peeked at her site, and I think I will spend more time looking tomorrow. I desperately need help. My perfectionism somehow reduces me to a miserable housekeeper. It's bad. You'd think a stay at home mom could manage to keep her dishes washed and laundry folded.
    Now I can focus my perfectionism in keeping flylady rules (well...I am sure, like you, I will have exceptions - we too have a no-shoes-in-the-house policy) rather than having the entire house perfectly clean and organized at all times (ha ha ha!).

  2. Marianne - one of the most freeing things flylady says all the time, is "housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." I love that. It is such a relief to me. She constantly reminds you not to be a perfectionist - that's not the point. The point is to get in habits that allow you to maintain your home with little or no thought. And her daily chore is something do-able that you can be happy about having done. Not to mention she gives all kinds of tips about involving the kids in cleaning the house! I can't say enough. :)

  3. What about choosing to do it on a warmer night at a park and get one of those classy tent rentals? You know the big white ones with the little white lights? They aren't very expensive and you can make it very glam with the lights and fake flowers with round tables and white table cloths. Rent some music equipment and there could be dancing aswell. You could maybe convince one of your brother's to D.J. and that would cut the cost! We were going to do this for our wedding but something else worked out easier but it really would have come out very inexpensivly. Just a thought.