Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Headlines

After having this post sitting here for several minutes, I can think of nothing that is the slightest bit interesting this week. Following, you will find the most boring edition of Monday Headlines, ever.

1. We did all the tax and legal stuff for Maeve this week. Now we're all legal and the IRS can take our money and stuff.

2. I took a three hour nap on Saturday. That was excellent.

3. I baked ham for dinner last night.

4. We have a sprinkling of soggy wet spring snow outside.

5. Tomorrow is the first of April. How did this happen?

6. We signed up for Blockbuster by mail. They have a plan that is two movies a month for $3.99. We couldn't rent one movie for that, and seeing as how we rarely can get movies we rent returned on time, no late fees is even more appealing. I haven't seen any new movies in forever.
Enchanted is waiting on me. :)

7. Nick is throwing a bachelor party for his good friend Luis on Friday night. He came up with some really fun ideas that are non-worrisome to fiance's. :) I suspect the kids and I will go out to eat and hang out with my parents that night, which will be fun.

So there ya go, the most boring edition ever. You can wake up now.


  1. You may remember me, or you may not. I am Sharon's cousin, Donna. I found a link to your site through Amber Himes. I rather enjoy getting to know you; and I love to look in on Amber. I am the Matriarchal Himes now that Katherine is gone. That means I am getting older. Ugh! (It's not so bad.)

    The last time I saw you was at the reunion; but before that was in Houston when you visited at MaryEllen's. I lived in Houston at that time but now I am back home in Portland.

    Greet your Mom for me. Tell her I am retired and just began to collect SS. YaY!

  2. Hi Donna! I definitely remember you! Nice to hear from you. The world of blogging has connected me with many people that have been pleasant surprises. Now just don't tell all my secrets! Ha! :)

  3. Ha! You are so funny. I was just telling some friends today about your blog and how I love reading it because it always makes me think and challenges my mind. Mine tends to be more of "here's what I did today." I love your ability to clearly write about what's on your mind! Even if it is about ham and naps. :) Love it.

  4. Ham and naps, that's what we're about here... ;)