Thursday, January 18, 2007

When I grow up

I really love my life. I feel the need to preface this post with that, because it could be taken to mean that I'm discontent or unhappy. That's really not it. I have a ton of interests. Since I only have one lifetime, I have chosen the things I most want to do with it. If I had more than one though? I would...

-Stay single or at least not have kids, and do full time worship ministry. I still may do this at some point, but it will have to be later in life, and somehow a 50 year old woman is just not as cool as a 20 year old woman when we're taking about band chicks. Ha!

-Become a naturopathic doctor and do for people what Dr. P does for us.

-Become some sort of scientist involving plants. Preferably one that could work all day in a massive greenhouse. I am fascinated by that kind of thing.

-Live in New York, Germany, California, Australia, and Israel. (As an adult. I lived in CA as a child. Doesn't count.)

-Own and operate an organic farm. Maybe we'll do this one yet!

-Be in politics. Run for office or go to Washington and work as an intern.

-Teach high school English. I LOVED my high school English teachers.

-Publish a book. Maybe I still will!

There are probably more. Maybe I'll think of them and add them later. The great thing when I think about this, is I really have chosen my favorite thing - being a mom - at least for the time being. That was always a non-negotiable in my childhood dreams.

What would you do?

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