Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas gifts

My parents have always spent a whole lot of money on Christmas. More than most people's families, anyway. My mom just loves to give gifts. It's expensive, but it sure is fun.

With that little disclaimer, I took my Christmas money and bought cooking stuff tonight. I feel like an official domesticated dork. I got a food processor (since the old one melted in the dishwasher), a new cutting board, and a colander. Therefore, I decided at 10:30 that I would make hummus in my new food processor, thus the reason I am still up at 12:30, waiting for garbanzo beans to cook. I am a nerd. I'm not even sure we'll like it. I've had it once, I think.

For Christmas at my parent's house, I got a real skillet. A real one, as opposed to the $40 12-piece set we've been using since we got married. If you consider yourself a poor cook and do not have good tools, you should try getting good tools. I'm telling you, I'm amazed at how different it is cooking in this little pan. Speaking of...I'm going to make myself an egg.

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