Monday, January 1, 2007

Breakfast with Michelle

my new plant, originally uploaded by sakalomi.

Nick's sister Michelle drove down from Boulder to see us today. She brought me a plant. Isn't it pretty? She and Nick watched the Nebraska game. We had eggs, turkey sausage, gluten free cranberry orange muffins, grapefruit and orange juice. The girls played and made us laugh.

After the girls went to take a nap, we really got to talk some. She's 40 years old, never been married, always wanted to be. She has a job for a massive company that is a continual struggle. Boulder is a ridiculously expensive city to live in. She's planning a major life change - moving back to Nebraska, finding a new job, and trying to adopt a child. This is the first we had heard of it. She really has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Several thoughts cross my mind. First, what an adventure to dream about! I have found you can handle just about anything if you have hope. If there are dreams of a better day, a possibility for happiness and joy down the road, dark places aren't so bad. Second, how blessed I am! My life is full of people to love and people who love me. I always had big dreams of doing something grand with my life. I dreamed of being famous, of changing the world. Maybe I still will, who knows? For right now, I'm pretty grateful for my husband who is gentle and kind, and my girls who make my life so full of joy.

Finances can be hard, relationships can be tricky, health can be somewhat elusive, and all of my dreams have yet to come true. But, the bottom line is we're blessed!

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  1. Amen and Amen. Thats resounds in my heart..