Sunday, January 7, 2007

After further thought...

...about the "online relationships" thing, it seems that it is important to strike a delicate balance. On the one hand, revealing enough about yourself that people can know you and learn from you. On the other hand, maintaining the privacy of yourself and your family members. Kind of a no-brainer, I suppose, except that so few people do it well. I think especially my generation and younger have a tendency toward revealing too much. Myspace users are notorious for this. Word to the wise: do not gripe about somebody--anybody--online. There's no such thing as a secret. I suppose there are also people who only present the best parts of themselves online, and therefore people don't realize they also have problems, but really.... Everybody has things to work through. We all know that.

Sorry for the rambling. I suppose I'm trying to work out what's appropriate in my own blogs. :)

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