Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If I could be...wasting my time...with you

A little throwback to my mountain/hippie/band chick days there for ya...some Phish lyrics.

This has been a pretty good week, I have to say. Among the fun things:

-Nick and I got to have a date tonight. We're making a new attempt at the weekly date night. So many couples we know swear by it. My sister Holly and brother in law Dave stayed with the girls, and a good time was had by all, I believe. Hannah says "Holly?" (Hawyee?)

-At tonight's date, Nick broke his week-long cleansing fast with Halibut, sweet potatoes and salad at Ranch Steakhouse. They're great - organic produce, wild-caught fish. A little pricey, but not bad when you split something like we did. After doing this fast, everything tastes wonderful. Your taste buds sing when you eat...a carrot. Nick, in whom I have always appreciated his sense of wonder anyway, is so much fun to watch because he is enjoying food so much. Plus, it doesn't make him sick anymore. He has tons of energy, needs only 5 hours of sleep or so, doesn't get headaches, he lost 10 POUNDS in one week - some fat, mostly water weight that his food allergies were keeping him from getting rid of... I wish everybody had the motivation and money to do this stuff Dr. P suggests. The world would simply be a better place.

-Took the girls and went grocery shopping today. There's a little co-op natural foods store that we go to every week. They all know us. The owners always offer Hannah a banana while we shop. We walk in, and there's a collective "HI!" from the staff. It's nice to be known. It's a little like CHEERS. Ha!

-We are, in fact, getting a second car this week. It's literally turquoise, but it's a jeep cherokee that my sister and brother in law are selling us. This is terrific news that I am so excited about. We did do the one-car thing for almost three months though, I think. It can be done. It's not fun, but it can be done. The downside of all this, is the check engine light came on in the jetta this evening. We also still have to get the damage fixed from the hit-and-run incident. If it's not one thing...

-The girls seem to be well again for the most part. Audrey is taking a little longer to get rid of the stuffy nose, but Hannah's croupy cough that sounded awful Friday morning never developed into anything at all. Yay!

-We still haven't dedicated Audrey at church. They do baby dedications every first weekend of the month. We went to Dillard's and found a beautiful christening gown for $25. Hannah has one from her shower, but we needed a stroller instead of an expensive gown when Audrey was born, therefore we've been waiting. Those are just something I wanted the girls to have for keepsakes, and we were able to get Audrey a pretty one. I was so happy about that!

-I got a copy of "The Devil Wears Prada" on Paperbackswap.com. I still haven't seen the movie, but decided I would read the book, just for fun. I'm not a huge fiction reader at all. Anyway, the book is silly and entertaining. "Frivolous," I think is the word the review used. It's fun to do something frivolous now and then.

Alright. I'm done cooking squash for Nick's breakfast (heehee-he has to eat squash for breakfast!), so I suppose I should go to bed. Goodnight all!

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