Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good for the soul

These people just completed an international adoption of two boys from Africa. It's not their first adoption, but I am loving watching the process. What a gift to a child who needs love! I have never been particularly drawn to adoption, to be honest, but this kind of story makes me think about it for the first time.


  1. Litteraly this made me cry like a baby. That is what I so long for my family to look like one day. I've dreamed of adoption since I was little. I was 6 years old and at my "papo's" (grandpa) mom and pop shop (with a diner in it.) And this little boy who lived in the little metal shacks a couple miles down was sent out to beg for food and money by his parents. He was about my age I think. So ofcorse I took this as a golen opportunity to steal money from the cash register and I snuck out a bag of bread, milk, and ofcorse chocolate. :) My mom caught me and ofcorse couldn't get mad. I asked her if we could take him home so he could be my brother. The next day he came back and I took more money and we played the little teddy bear vending machine and I actually won him a bear. :) I really miss Africa. Then when we moved here I was pretty homesick and constantly begged my mom to adopt from Africa, they thought about it but could never make it happen. Now I've actually recently been doing research on adoption agencies and I REALLY hope that we can make it happen by the time the new baby is 4 or 5. I'm SO happy you found that blog. I'm going to be following her from now on!

  2. I got this way RIGHT before I got pregnant with Amelie.
    I sent away for applications and packets.
    We had it narrowed down to Liberia.
    I wanted to adopt NOW.
    Then, Amelie came! Surprise!

    It's still in the back of my mind because I've felt in my heart like adoption was for me since childhood, but since Amelie was born, the desire has sort of faded.

    I know if God wants it for us in the future, he will bring us to that point again.

    For now, I love reading these stories!
    I always think about how even if it is not our time, or even if it never is, we (meaning a collective we, as Christians and neighbors) can pray, contribute financially, or offer support to those adopting.

    Adoption is such a perfect example of God's love for us.

  3. Totally agree about the example of God's love. And I have realized lately, that I could fall in love with pretty much any child and care for it as my own. And God is like that, how much more? Hard to put into words.

    Irene, what an incredible story. I would love to see Africa some day and understand what life is like there. It's so foreign to me, and I don't like that.