Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Highlights

1. Hannah is sick again. She got that nasty cold thing. Here are the things I'm giving her, in case anyone is interested.
Elderberry (find one without nasty stuff like sugar and alchohol; glycerine is okay. I do only straight Elderberry, without echinacea or things like that, because they can cause allergic reactions/rashes)
Euphorbium (this is great homeopathic stuff for stuffy noses and sinus infections. It actually does make you feel better, and no side effects!)
Colloidal Silver (helps kill infections)
Powdered DGL (helps heal mucus membranes like throats)
Normally I would also give a probiotic, (make sure it's at a different time from the silver - they cancel each other out) but the one I have gives her diarrhea.
I'm fighting it too, and I'm taking 1,000mg of Vitamin C at least twice a day. I can't do too much more than that since Audrey is still nursing, or else I would.

2. It was 10 degrees when we got home from running errands last night. Brrr.

3. I am very excited. For a while I've been having stomach issues and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. The other day, my mom said in passing, "Eggs used to hurt your stomach when you were a kid." She never told me this. Dr P does food allergy testing - that never showed up. So, I tried it. No eggs, no bread with eggs in it, nothin'. I am well. For the first time in literally years. I can't say I'm terribly excited about never eating eggs again, but I sure am excited to not be sick every day any more. I'm pretty sure this (and the prenatal vitamin I took while pregnant - that made me sick too) has been the source of my tiredness and lack of stamina... The last time I remember feeling good was on our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago. As carefully as I eat, I always knew I ought to be feeling better than I did. Now I do! Okay, dropping it. For now.

4. We are down to one car...and a rather shaky one at that. The water pump on the Jeep went out on Thursday, and the Jetta has a tough time starting in the bitter cold because it needs a different O2 sensor. Thankfully, we had budgeted the money to fix cars this week! The Jeep broke the day we had money to fix it. Isn't that neato? God provides...

5. Hopefully, my mom's group starts up again this week, assuming kids are well. I have missed my friends!

6. Still reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. So much to chew on. So much help for things that have always frustrated me about life. If you're ready to honestly evaluate yourself and make the positive changes you have always needed to make, get this book. I keep wanting to blog about it, but I don't know where to start.

I better go start my day. Yes, it is 11:30a. We had a long night. (Did I mention I feel GREAT?)


  1. I'm bummed your kids are sick again! where do you think they pick up all this stuff?? I'm so excited for you that you're feeling better. It does make cutting out foods you like, worth it, doesn't it?? What a blessing.
    Proud of you for having the $$ saved to fix your car too, that's huge! Enjoy the snow.

  2. I'm bummed about it too. Everyone we know is sick though...they could have picked it up anywhere. I have slacked a little in the handwashing dept...gotta get back in the habit, hopefully that'll help.

  3. Sorry everybody is sick this week. We have been fighting it as well.

    BTW I love your new pic!