Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am amazed to report that Audrey slept from 9pm to 8:30 am last night! This, after only one night of letting her cry. Incredible. Now I just have to sleep train myself again, since I tossed and turned most of the night, first anticipating her waking up and crying for two hours again, and then playing the "Is she okay? Yes, she's fine!" game in my head. :)


  1. I should of read this first before I commented on the last one. :) Congratulations. Are you going to move Hannah back to the room tonight?

  2. Sleep has always been a difficult issue with us. My now 5 yo son didn't sleep through the night until after age 2 (we should have cut him off and let him cry). My 21 mo didn't sleep through the night until about 18 mo, and only then because I had a BAD case of hives which nothing would relieve except Benedryl (and I hate to use medicine) so I had to temporarily ween her for a week until my hives cleared up and I stopped taking the meds. After a couple nights she stopped waking up to nurse. We still have issues with her hating her crib though. If she's in bed beside me she sleeps well. But in her crib, she wakes up after an hour or so. Perhaps eventually we'll work her towards staying in her crib all night.

    I'm glad you've had success with Audrey! May you enjoy sweet sleep!

  3. Fabulous! They say if a baby does anything three days/nights in a row, it's a new habit. . .I'll check back tomorrow and see how she did!!
    I finally stopped rocking Ava to sleep for her naps, my next step is not rocking her to sleep for bedtime. . .

  4. Congratulations on your sleep! It's probably too late to tell you now, but all three of my kids were raised with the "On Becoming Baby Wise" method by Ezzo & Buckman and slept through the night by 8 weeks.

    It basically teaches moms how to get newborn babies on a schedule for feeding and sleep during the day and not to wake them to feed at night, just let the baby wake up on their own. I loved it, and so did my babies!

    Maybe for your next baby... ; )

  5. I totally did the same thing - after Juli stopped waking up every 3 hours, it took another couple nights before "I" stopped waking up every three hours!
    The first time she slept 8 hrs. straight I woke up like "oh no, is she ok? Is she breathing? Did I sleep through her crying??".
    It sure didn't take long to get used to, though!