Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Highlights

1. Kids and Nick were sick with a stomach thing on and off all week. It's not bad - just enough to make them uncomfortable...and cranky. Ill be SO glad when it's over. I'm fine. And going to stay that way, thank you.
2. Mom's 49th birthday tomorrow. My mom is so young still. She says we're going to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then going bowling. She loves to have fun.
3. I'm hosting a baby shower at my house on Saturday for the first time. I'm really looking forward to it, but also feel a little shy and awkward about trying to make it fun and comfortable. Anybody have good ideas on games, food, decor?
4. New School of Worship term starts this week. Wahoo! I have one student this ten week session, along with my three others. I had four others, but one broke his arm and shoulder skiing last week. Poor guy. My student count is dwindling. I need to either advertise, or start making money somewhere else!
5. Snow is heading our way - 3-5 inches of it. It's supposed to start at 3 or 4pm.
6. All of our Christmas decor is stacked on the back of the piano. For real. I need to go get the boxes out and put it away.

Alright. The girls are taking early naps, and I'm off to do my yoga and eat a quiet lunch. Nice. Tell me your highlights!


  1. Baby Shower:
    Go to the dollar store and buy little prizes and have games like baby cross words, or name that nursery rhyme, or get some yarn and have everyone cut a peice on how big around they think the pregnant lady is, then measure her and see who was the closest -- this one is usually fun and gets quite a few laughs. Also make a diaper cake. This will be a hit. You can buy 3 or so packs of store brand diapers and ribbon and little baby items from the dollar store. This is always a hit and SOOOOO easy to make. Go to yahoo and type in instructions on hopw to make a diaper cake. Also look at the images to get ideas to personalize yours. It makes a great gift and will really be a hit. We've made a couple and it's a lot of fun and turns out really cute. Good luck!

  2. Baby shower ideas: Definately what Irene said plus, I would google games. There are so many fun ones out there. One I like is the A-z one, writing down baby stuff and seeing who can get the most stuff in the amt of time allotted.
    Also, I was at hobby lobby recently and they have a ton of cool baby shower stuff for a really affordable price. T

  3. some highlights for me.
    Cole returns to preschool today after the winter break--big yay.
    Cooper is no longer running a fever & vomiting--even bigger yay.