Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This is my mad face.

This is a hard day. Really, there's nothing new that's making it harder than yesterday or the day before, but it's the first day I've been home from vacation with nothing to do but think. Thinking can be dangerous.

The house we came across and thought might be the answer is not. Among other things, the landlord has a bad attitude, and there is dog pee in the carpet and black mold in the bathroom. Yucky.

It is increasingly looking like we need to sell our Jetta. It was my first baby. I got it before we were married, and felt like I was driving my dream car. We have thought about selling it more times that I can count, and the idea just won't go away. In addition, it's not the 2 year old car it was when I bought it. It runs great, but it needs servicing and has a couple of dents. It's worth about $7800. Any takers? It really is a great little car...

My grandparents were supposed to be coming to visit this weekend. Then my grandma landed in the hospital...again. Now they probably can't come and my grandma is probably too sad to call and tell us that. My brother Nathan graduates from high school on Tuesday. They will probably miss it. I think it will be the first grandchild's graduation they will have missed. They have 25 grandchildren total. In addition, neither of them is in terrific health, and my grandpa still hasn't met my kids. We would like to go to CA this summer to see them, but the above paragraphs communicate the current uncertainty of the financial situation around here. Maybe we can find $78 tickets again...

And it's cloudy again. What's up with that?

And I have a headache. What's up with that?

And Hannah's nose ran all day yesterday and now one of her eyes is swollen and she's cranky as anything. Arg.

Okay. I guess I'll try to quit griping now. Bye.

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  1. I'm sorry! For some reason this post really struck something with me..I think as moms, we all can relate, because we know that when we have a hard day AND we have to take care of someone else on top of is just the right combo to send us right over the edge..or at least to make us a little weepy:)
    Hope you feel better soon!