Saturday, May 19, 2007

This is my friend

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If you don't know about colloidal silver, you should. All week, I've been fighting a sore throat. It's probably that thing tons of people have right now - that hacking cough and sinus infection-y thing. But I'm not getting worse.

Silver has been used for thousands of years as an antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral. It's not marketed as such, because it doesn't provide any source of major income for the distributors. But, this stuff seriously helps you fight off LOTS of different things.

We have used this for:
Yeast Infections
Certain kinds of rashes
Ear Infections
Pink Eye

It is awesome stuff. If you look it up online, you may find negative things about it. The main one is, if you use it improperly - meaning take tons of it for a long, long time, it can seriously permanently turn your skin gray. It's actually a little creepy. But, if you look at the stories of people this actually happened to, they usually made the stuff themselves and took it every day for years. Yeah. Don't do that. Buy good quality product and use it when you need it and then quit. If it wasn't powerful, it wouldn't work. But use it right. It's just like any drug.

Except that it's not. Things this stuff won't do:
Cause allergic reactions
Kill off all the "good" bacteria along with the bad
Give you stomach issues
Taste yucky

You know when you start to get that runny nose and tickle in your throat? That's the time for this stuff. A drop or two in each nostril so it drips down the back of your throat (not the most pleasant sensation, but that way it gets the back of your throat where germs like to multiply), and about a 1/2 teaspoon in your mouth every couple hours. Do 1 drop in each nostril and 1/4 for little babies, twice a day, and the same three to four times a day for bigger kids (you get the proportion - being approximate is okay with this). You also have to take it until whatever it is is completely gone or it'll come back. But, we have avoided more full-fledged nasty colds and flus with this stuff. It's pretty amazing.

You can also take it once you're sick and it will help you recover faster, but I find it more effective before sickness really sets in. Just don't quit taking it until you're well again for a day or two. Relapses happen every time for me if I quit early.

You can get this at most health food stores. It's $15-ish for a 2 oz. bottle. I just found an 8 oz. bottle at my local co-op for $18.

Try it, you'll like it!

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