Monday, May 21, 2007

I don't like to use my blog as a place to gripe, but in the interest of being honest, we're having another tough day around here.

The girls went to bed at 9 last night, and were up at...6:15. This is an ungodly hour for us. Thus, mommy is on 6 hours of sleep because I stayed up reading in an attempt to encourage myself. Audrey is almost 9 months old and as of yet still had no teeth. So, this weekend she decided to go ahead and get some. Try four at once. Three of the four are at least partially through today and the other will be any minute. Ouch.

Hannah is ready to potty train, but has yet to successfully use the toilet. She currently removes her diaper any time I'm not looking. That resulted in her bed last night. This has happened a couple times. It's very gross, and it seems to happen no matter how hard I try to watch her every second.

Well, take a nap, you say... If you have any ideas for getting a 2 year old and a cranky 9 month old to sleep at the same time, I'd love the input.

So now, I have to get ready to teach for two hours, which wears me out on a good day.

I love staying home with my kids. I love my kids. I just hate that there are days when it's all you can do to survive. What do you do on days like that?


  1. this is what I do on days like that...I try to leave the house, a change of scenery can really change my mood. As far as the kids napping at the same time, well I make sure I get the big kid to sleep first and then I will just stick the baby in his crib--then I hide in the room farthest from the baby's room while he plays or cries or goes to sleep. Sometimes just closing myself in the bathroom for 10-minutes with a magazine can do wonders for my sanity.

  2. We did make it up to the park today, at Hannah's request. It helped a lot. The challenge I have is the girls share a room, so once Hannah's asleep I breathe a sigh of relief, and you couldn't pay me enough to put Audrey in there unless she was OUT. :) Oh well. Nick's home now. That also makes it easier.

  3. I lock myself in the car for 10 minutes to have a good cry while the kids sit inside and scream.
    This happened an hour ago.
    It didn't really help in the long run, but it was better than the alternative...which was turn the car on, drive to the airport and get a one way ticket to Acapulco ... .. .. .....hmmmmmm that doesn't sound so bad now that I think about it;)

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  5. Maybe I'll meet you in Acapulco! I'm sure you'd bring your guitar, and we could find a piano and jam. Except our kids might miss us. When they were done being cranky, that is.