Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random Highlights

-Hannah got sick this week - pink eye AND a nasty cough with fever. Good times. And yes, I gave her all kinds of my special potions (Ha!) and no, they did not keep her from getting sick.

-We did have a ton of stuff scheduled this weekend, and we canceled all of it.

-This actually made our weekend a lot more fun and relaxing than it would have been otherwise.

-All except for Nick and I taking turns staying up through the night to watch Hannah to make sure she was okay. That was not so fun or relaxing. She was having a little more trouble breathing than I was comfortable with. She seems much better last night and today.

-Hannah is currently throwing a temper tantrum in her bed where I put her for a nap. She hasn't slept in her own bed for several days at this point. This makes her think she shouldn't have to sleep in her own bed ever again. It would be somewhat funny because her voice is too hoarse to really scream (I know! That's mean! You know you've thought it before too!), except that she woke up Audrey doing it.

-The guy that we were thinking about renting from and ultimately did not decide to rent from because he seemed very unreasonable, removed all doubt this weekend. I am SO very glad we have no ties to that man whatsoever, and particularly that we do not and will not ever live in a house he owns. I think God protected us there.

-We had people interested in looking at our car, but dragged our feet because we had a sick kid and now they're gone. Oh well. There will be more.

-My birthday is next Monday. I was thinking this morning about how I would literally write a count down and cross off the days until my birthday when I was a kid. I'm still not sure what we're going to do that day. Any fun suggestions? I was thinking about going here. That, along with breakfast in bed and lunch out sounds pretty fun to me. :)

-It is finally garden planting time here in the Rocky Mountains, and yet again, I do not have one to plant. Maybe next summer.

-I guess I'll quit thrilling you with my musings at this point. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

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