Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly Update

1. Last night we got home and Nick was tired and yawning a lot. He started doing it really loudly and obnoxiously at one point, and Audrey said, "Daddy's being Karzan." (Her pronunciation for Tarzan.) Nick and I laughed like crazy.

2. Sometime this week we pick up the key for Maeve's new office. We had thought we would get an office in my dad's space, but he wound up needed all of his. Instead, we tracked down another suite to sublease in. The guy that is actually on the lease is a Dave Ramsey ELP for budget counseling. So, you can get your wedding gown made and figure out your finances all in one stop. Kidding...sort of! :)

3. It's supposed to be in the 50's here today. This makes me happy.

4. My sister Amy had her 18th birthday party last night, and my parents rented out Skate City. Her friends all came (about 40 of them!) dressed in 80's clothes. It was hysterical. One of her guy friends had bought a neon pink windbreaker track suit that was definitely made for a woman. Wow. I found out that they do a skating class for 2-6 year olds on Friday mornings, 9-10:30. It's $4 per kid. After they attend 10 classes they get a free t-shirt. You just help them get their skates on and then either go run errands or sit in the snack bar area. OK, who's coming to sit and talk with me? :) Sounds like a deal to me and my kids will love it! They actually lock the wheels of the skates for the little kids, so they just walk on their skates and don't fall as much. :)

That's about all I got today. How was your week?


  1. if it's the skate city on barnes, it's 3 minutes from my house - so you have a snackbar date if you want it :)

  2. I've taken my girls to the Skate City up here for the kid skate. They loved it!

  3. Oh man, I bet that 80s party was a riot!! Congrats on the new office space and can you believe our weather? I'm not complaining, but come one...where's the snow to play in?

  4. Eh, I'm not complaining about the lack of snow... :) You can take a girl out of Southern Cal, but...