Friday, January 30, 2009

We Interrupt This Break....

I some ways, I've been glad for the timing of my break. It means I don't have to comment on Ted if I don't want to. :) But, an old Myspace friend tracked me down on Facebook this morning and asked me what I thought. I figured since I already formulated my thoughts for a reply, I'd post it here while I'm at it. So, here ya go:

I have not watched most of the publicity about Ted. Our local paper and news has had lots of stuff in the past week or so, and I've kind of half-heartedly skimmed it, wanting to be informed about what's going on at least.

What I think about all of it is summed up very well with this blog, written by a New-Lifer, and Ted's former editor. The college pastor posted it on his blog. New Life made the best decisions they could in a terrible situation. Ted's family has suffered a lot because of his sin. It's been a painful process, and I wish it hadn't all come up again. But New Life is strong, and our new pastor has provided excellent leadership and example. Pretty much everyone I know wishes the Haggards the best, but wants them to stay out of the public eye and get well. It may be money motivated - no one will hire Ted, so they may feel the need to sell their story in order to survive, which is said totally compassionately. That's a bad idea to me, to think you could profit from your sin, but it could be their reality.

Ultimately this too shall pass, and I hope that more and more Ted's actions will be seen as his actions alone, and not related to New Life any longer. No matter the actions of men, God has been and continues to be faithful to us!

So there ya go. We now return you to your regularly scheduled break. :)

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