Saturday, January 17, 2009

Contentment and Fairness

As parents, one of the pressures we often feel is to make everything "fair." I loved this post this morning. If I treated my two children exactly the same, one of them would run the household and the other would wilt under the pressure. It would never work...


  1. I like your new background! Can you call me or email your prices for piano? do you even have any openings? Not sure where this fit sin the budget if at all but doing my hmwk just eh same. Boo is talking about guitar lessons now. anyhow, let me know.


  2. That's fascinating. My parents were the same way. Now I act that way too: "I do the dishes, you feed the baby. I give baths, you clean the kitchen. I work 15 hours during the day, you do NOT get to rest when you come home." I'm sure God's way is a much healthier perspective...and eliminates the need to keep "score" in our minds all the time.