Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekly Update

1. Snow is falling yet again this morning. It seems to have taken everyone by surprise. There were no cancellations, but we have probably 3-4 inches, and the roads were a nightmare this morning. I'm glad to be in my cozy house.

2. About that cozy house - I had big plans for cleaning this weekend. We didn't do that. It's a disaster. I have students this afternoon. That's all.

3. Making this sausage this morning, minus the sage. It seems to be a hit, even for Audrey, who is being super-picky right now. This is the second recipe I've tried. The first one was too spicy for us, though very flavorful. (Does anybody use that much cayenne pepper? I halved it and it still burned our mouths. Are we wimps?) Oh, I also tried this one, which Nick and I thought was delicious, but the girls wouldn't eat, and it seriously messed with my blood sugar. Anyway, the organic turkey sausage we have been eating every day is now up to $4.59 per 12 ounce box. Ouch. A pound of free-range ground turkey is like $3.50. The difference adds up, for sure. Anyone have a favorite sausage recipe they'd like to share?

4. Maeve, oh, my goodness. Holly and I are excited about some answers to issues that fell into place over the weekend. It's gonna be good...

5. Date night tonight, if the snow clears up. We haven't had one in almost a month. It's time!

6. Contemplating putting Hannah in pre-ballet classes. She is needing something to do/think about. The class I found is on Wednesday mornings, and it's really very cheap. It's for age 2 1/2 to 4 1/2, so technically Audrey could do it too. We're going to try it out this week and see if she likes it.

Well, I better get to working. Have a great day!

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  1. Hi! You will have to tell me how the ballet class goes! I would love to get Allikaye in one! Where is it?
    Oh...and I hope you all get your date night tonight! Have fun!