Monday, September 24, 2007

To do this week

-Replace burnt out lights on both cars
-Get new mascara
-Hang up curtains in Living Room (half off at Target!)
-Go to the Happy Apple Farm. Pick apples. Have fun.
-Hang out with friend Tara A, coming to see Dr P, all the way from CA.
-Paint bathroom
-Buy bird food and put up feeder
-Teach piano
-Have mom's group at my house
-Grocery shop
-Organize closet space in our bedroom
-Go to sister Holly's house to check out the wedding dress she designed and is sewing.
-Other boring things: pay bills, return stuff we decided we don't want, install carpet tack strip between hall and bathroom, put door closer thingy on back screen door, take DishNetwork equipment to UPS, find a Pooh costume for Hannah (they're going to be Tigger and Pooh)...

Got my work cut out for me, ya think?

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