Thursday, September 13, 2007


Nothing very useful to say today, feel free to skip this one. :)

-Unpacking is mostly done. Done meaning the boxes are out of the house (except for our bedroom). Now the garage is another matter altogether. But, my living room looks pretty today!

-I have potted flowers on the front deck/porch thingy. This makes me smile.

-Yesterday I figured out how to change the broken tail light and turn signal in the Jetta. Go me!

-Tonight we are going to choir. I am so very much looking forward to this.

-Anyone know how I can get my 1 year old to quit waking up at 3:30 every night? She STILL does this. I nurse her in my sleep and wake up with her kicking me or whacking my face a few hours later. I would just let her cry it out, except then she wakes up Hannah and they keep EACH OTHER up. Sigh.

-My parents get back from their trip in four days! Several times a day, I go through this with Hannah:

H: Where Mama? (I'm mommy, gramma is mama)
Me: She went bye bye on an airplane.
H: Where Papa?
Me: He went bye bye on an airplane.
H: Where Amy?
Me: She went bye bye on an airplane.
H: Where Nathan?
Me: He went bye bye on an airplane.

At this point she will ask where the kitty is (at gramma's house), where Disney and Bella (gramma's dogs) are, (they're at gramma's house), and then begins to go through Daddy, Holly and David, Ryan... Then sometimes we start all over with Gramma again. She misses everybody!

-I made rice crispies treats last night. Nick and I are addicted to these, I have to admit. Whole Foods has kosher (and gluten free!) marshmallows, and puffed rice made with brown rice. I know it's probably not much better for us, but it makes us feel better. We can finish the entire pan in two days between the two of us. It's bad.

-I'm playing the piano for a wedding on Saturday. Nice. Easy money! It's amazing what people happily pay for an hour of your time when you play well. I have been so glad, over and over again, that I did not quit piano lessons when I was 10.

-I got new makeup the other day. About 6 months ago, my body decided to outright rebel when I so much as touch anything with soy in it. Seriously. Eating it makes me sick as a dog, and I get an itchy rash on my elbows and knees. It is SO weird. Wearing makeup or lotion with it burns like fire and eventually makes my skin red and swollen. Therefore, my choices for cheap makeup are limited. (Read: nonexistent) However, I found Origins. It's not cheap, but it's not horribly expensive either, and they use very few nasty chemicals. Most of their stuff is soy free and paraben* free, and it smells SO good.

*I have decided to attempt to avoid parabens if I have the choice. The article I linked says nothing has been proven and I don't go overboard. I do however, want to make the best choices possible.

-Have I mentioned we're going to choir tonight?

OK, off to do something more productive.


  1. I don't usually leave comments on strangers' blogs... but here I go... (I came across your blog, by the way, by searching through profiles with "homeschooling" as an interest.) (I am homeschooling my 5 yo son. My 17 mo daughter is just along for the ride right now.) I just wanted to let you know that your blog is a blessing (to many, I'm sure). Your love for the Lord shines through your words.

    Somewhere I think I saw that you went to ORU... my husband almost went there a number of years ago. He visited the campus and was prepared to attend there, but at the last minute the Lord changed his plans and he went to a different Chrisitian college. (Side note, I went to Asbury College.)

    Also, thanks for posting that link to GF bread. I've never seen a recipe that uses sweet potatoe flour. We are on a gluten-free diet in our home.

    Hope I haven't freaked you out by leaving a comment as a stranger... just wanted to encourage you in your pursuit of raising a Godly family.

    Liz in VA

  2. Liz, feel free to stick around - I'm not freaked out at all. :) We moms gotta stick together!

  3. Sara, thanks for your blog today, uneventful as it felt. I enjoyed hearing what was going on in your day! The rice crispie treats sound great! Do you still use the butter it calls for or did you reinvent the recipe all together? I'd love to hear how you make it. Have a blessed day and have so much fun at choir tonight!! (I'm a little envious of you. :))

  4. I did use the butter. We use a little butter around here now and then. It's the only dairy I buy. (Like, maybe we go through a package once a month or longer) There's just no good substitute that I've found. :) And, I just used the recipe on the marshmallow bag. Yummy.

  5. Have you tried Arbonne makeup? I am not sure if they use soy but it is all natural. I have a consultant id to sell it so if you want to order something let me know and you can have my 35% off discount. Its a long story and not one of my wisest financial decisions ever. But I was trying to work from home and anyway I spent a lot of money on the business so I figure my friends and family should at least prosper from the endeavor. Its a little pricey but with the 35% discount its afordable. Let me know if you find anything you want to order and I will send you my code.

  6. Kyla - I actually looked into Arbonne a while back because several of my friends sell it. Alas, soy is a VERY common ingredient. Thanks anyway!

  7. still reading. just in case you wanted to know. still love it. and you.

    back is better, slowly but surely.

    when might be good for you in the next week for me to crash the homestead?