Thursday, July 26, 2007

My love

Three years ago Tuesday, I married my best friend.

It was a rainy, misty day, the coldest July day in Colorado Springs history. The ceremony that was to be outside was moved inside, to the barn already decorated to host the reception. Tables were pushed aside for an aisle, the wreath wrapped with ribbon and tulle was re-hung, and a horse and carriage came to pick up my father and me from my parents' house down the dirt drive. I carried a bouquet of wildflowers. My cousins played harp, violin and viola. A couple hundred people we love saw us exchange our vows.

It wasn't what I expected. The ceremony could not take place in the wet grass under dripping pine trees, but the barn was warm(er), and full of joy. The mist outside gave our pictures a magical quality. The caterer we hired fell on hard times and did not have the money to serve what he had promised. Nobody will remember the food anyway. The best man dropped my ring on the dusty wooden second floor of the barn. We were all thankful there were no cracks for it to fall through, and laughed. Pastor Ross, who Nick and I respect now more than ever, served us communion and made jokes about "all Nick has to do is be like Jesus."

And I married my best friend.

Three years, one c-section, one homebirth, four (soon to be five) moves, and one seizure later, I love him more now than I ever thought I could. We have two beautiful children, a relationship of mutual trust and respect and tenderness, and a great future. I love you, Nick.


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!
    I love it when people cherish their anniversaries.
    I feel like our anniversary is the most important "holiday" in our house..
    Congrats on 3 years and all the changes~

  2. I agree. It makes me sad when people don't celebrate their relationship. Nick even took half a day off work just to be home and play with the girls and me. We had a hot date in Denver that night. :) It was a rough week for us for several reasons, so the day wasn't perfect, but all the more reason to celebrate!

  3. I LOVE your wedding picture and your wedding story. Mine was supposed to outside in a spanish snowed for the first time ever in March in West Texas...I was sad for awhile but now 6 years later all I can remember is how perfect it was!!Isn't it funny how that happens? Congratulations on 3 years!!

  4. Sara Kay,

    I've been one of those anonymous droppers by for over a month now and simply had to congratulate you on your 3rd! Keep celebrating!

    My Beloved and I will celebrate 19 this September and I can't imagine life without her. It always blesses me to hear others honor marriage!

    Looking forward to checking in again soon.


  5. Thanks, Kyla

    John, glad you've stuck around!

  6. How sweet. You didn't get what you had planned but got what you probably most needed. Your memories are sweet and your family, priceless.

    Beautiful picture, I can see why you are happy with how you look.

    My oldest just got married this June. It was an amazing wedding because it was sooo different. Traditional Jewish wedding ceremony (the groom is Messianic Jew), kilts to acknowledge the honorary Scottish kinship from generations back when the grooms family helped some clan win a battle (the groom, the grooms father - who is also a Rabbi and officiated), one of the groomsmen and the two little ring bearers wore kilts), traditional wedding gown on my daughter and two groomsmen and the bridesmaid wore formal wear. It was fun, creative, colorful and a gorgeous Colorado day. The rain came during the reception. That too was wonderful.

    Weddings can be so stressful at times, but I know that my daughter's memories will be precious to her forever. At least the parts she remembers since she didn't have much sleep the days before. ;)