Tuesday, July 31, 2007

100 Things About Me

Kyla tagged me yesterday. Wow. Not sure I can do this one. I'll try! :)

1. I am the oldest of 5 kids
2. I was homeschooled until high school
3. I had a cat named Marie from the time I was 5, until she died while I was at ORU
4. I started keeping a garden when I was 8
5. I have a thing with smells - they either really bother me or I really like them
6. During my pregnancies I could not handle the smell of chocolate or coffee
7. When someone else's perfume gets on my kids when they hold them, I want to change their clothes and give them baths. This DOES NOT mean I don't want people to hold my kids! :)
8. I do not like to exercise. At all.
9. I grew up having chickens in the backyard. Among the ones I remember, we named them Buggy and Nellie
10. Soy, dairy, and caffeine make me feel TERRIBLE
11. I much prefer dresses/skirts to shorts
12. I don't use any chemical-containing stuff in my house...except shampoo and styling products. Haven't been able to give those up.
13. I have been to Germany, Switzerland and Mexico
14. I have lived in California, Oklahoma and Colorado
15. I went to Bible school in Estes Park, CO for a year. It was incredible.
16. I wore shoes as little as possible while I was there. I wear shoes as little as possible ever since.
17. I have had 6 grand mal seizures in the past 12 years.
18. I took medicine for a while and it made me sick
19. I started becoming interested in nutrition and alternative medicine because they help control my seizures.
20. Sometimes I doubt whether it really helps
21. I have gone in the girls' room and laid both of them down for naps about 10 times today. They don't want to sleep.
22. I really want a cat and a dog and some chickens
23. I am about to move to an old house, and I think (once certain things are fixed) I will like it more than I would a new house.
24. I once sang the offertory solo at my church for 5,000 people.
25. I have played with worship bands and led worship for lots more than that over the years.
26. At 18 years old, I was the secretary for my church's worship ministry
27. I worked temp jobs for a while, all over the city
28. I taught piano to the son of a famous worship leader for a while
29. I love to sing and play the piano, but most people only know I do one or the other
30. I have an irrational fear of stairs
31. I read everything I can get my hands on
32. I remember all of it, somehow
33. I would love to be in a band again
34. I would consider putting dreads in my hair and dressing like a hippie if my husband and family wouldn't freak
35. I would pierce my nose if...well, maybe I still will.
36. I love organizing stuff
37. I hate small talk
38. Because I hate small talk, I also generally dislike things I have to small talk AT: showers, girl parties, etc.
39. I love being in charge
40. I sleep with at least three pillows
41. I am addicted to Passion Tea from Starbucks, ginger cookies, and raspberries. Unfortunately, this probably means I am allergic to them on some level.
42. I usually enjoy my own cooking
43. I enjoy doing laundry
44. I hate doing dishes
45. I have a ton of books and no intention of limiting my collection anytime soon
46. I wear rosewater for perfume
47. When I am stressed or scared, my head and stomach hurt. Badly.
48. I tend to believe the best about people and am shocked when other people are mean
49. I often wish I could teach people things about nutrition or alternative medicine that would help them. If they don't ask, I have to assume they don't want to know.
50. Movies bore me usually. Halfway through, I don't care how they end enough to sit through them.
51. I dislike being uncomfortable in any way
52. Most makeup makes my face burn (it's the soy in it)
53. I once panhandled on Pearl St. in Boulder, CO. I played accordion in a group with my friends. We made like $40 in 2 hours.
54. We were WAY late for curfew that night
55. That is the one time I ever remember intentionally breaking the rules
56. I know how to teach people to play worship-style piano.
57. I'm working on writing a curriculum for it. I'll make lots of money if I ever get it done.
58. Once at a temp job, a random guy called up and cussed me out for no reason.
59. I got a letter of recommendation from the temp agency because of how well I handled it.
60. I am germ-aphobic
61. I keep funny things. I still have a piece of moss I once found at a summer camp. It reminds me of stuff.
62. Witty humor with great timing makes me laugh more than any other kind.
63. I read my Bible and prayed this morning before the girls woke up. (This does not happen every day, but I sure like it when it does!)
64. My church is one of my favorite places to be
65. I love sunshine
66. I have had a c-section
67. I have had a homebirth
68. The homebirth with no medication was easier than the c-section
69. I make lists constantly
70. I love gadgets
71. I read the instructions
72. Watching people dance makes me cry and I don't know why
73. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods
74. I am very excited to homeschool my kids. This is new.
75. I love to shop, especially with my mom and sisters
76. The second I get in the car, I lock the doors
77. I hate feeling taken advantage of
78. I would rather get something done than do it perfectly
79. I am great at journaling/blogging, but bad at keeping baby books/taking pictures
80. I don't believe in leaving my kids overnight until they are around 5
81. My purse is usually a mess
82. I love being on time
83. I almost never wash my face and rarely break out
84. I never get tired of being touched and hugged
85. It makes me nervous when people don't make eye contact
86. If I thought my body could handle it, I would already be ready to have another baby
87. I still want to get my degree someday, even though it wouldn't change what I can already do as a career
88. I open all the blinds on the windows in my house every day
89. I like Loooong showers
90. I have always basically liked the way I look
91. I read every issue of In Style and Mothering magazines cover to cover
92. I hate wind
93. I have worked as an assistant for 5 years total, and I still get nervous before I make phone calls.
94. Waterdeep is my all-time-favorite band
95. I love watching What Not to Wear and the Food Network
96. I don't like cucumbers or watermelon
97. I usually feel inept at home decorating. I've been trying to just ask myself, "what do I like?"
98. When people use long words it makes me want to look them up and use them too
99. I am almost done with this thing!
100. It took me 4 sittings to finish it. :)

Kyla, I did it! :) I'm going to break the solemn rules of blogging, and refuse to tag anybody, mainly because I'm not sure I know anybody who will try it. :) If you do, let me know! Hope I didn't bore ya too much.


  1. Yay! I love reading lists like these...its the randomness that helps to get to know people. Thanks for doing this...I worked on it for the entire weekend. I would be pullling weeds and think of something that I could add to the list!!

  2. hee hee Yep, I was carrying a piece of paper around the house writing things down. :) I love the randomness of it too.

  3. I just read the Red Tent and then I noticed that you listed it as a favorite on your profile. So happy that somebody else loved this book. It was one of the best that I have read in a long time. I have picked out some horrible novels lately so I was very happy when I found one with some substance. The author did take some liberties with the the story but after reading the Old Testament again I am sure that Dinah was in love with the Egyptian. Ok, enough rambling. Have a good night

  4. I liked it on so many levels - companionship of women... I don't think women were meant to do life by themselves. Marriage and true commitment to each other... The interesting cultural aspects... Having a Biblical story brought to life... Plus, the midwifery aspect is also fascinating to me. Pretty cool book.

  5. I agree, woman need companionship on such a different level then men. I know that my husband doens't have any understanding of my desire to live across the street from my best friend and her family. We talk about all the time how wonderful it would be to clean our houses together and have our morning cup of cofee on our front porches instead of over the phone.

  6. I'm so sorry you don't like watermelon or cucumbers. I find them very tasty!!! ;)

    I wish my face didn't break out. Every emotion can cause a breakout and then hormones just make it worse. Bleh!

    I loved your list. So much made me smile, nod in agreement or think, hmmm that is interesting. Thanks for doing it.

  7. Thanks, Pam! Nice to "meet" you.