Monday, July 9, 2007

What to say?

I haven't known what to write again lately. I've started multiple blogs and then decided I didn't want to post them. So, today you get my random thoughts.

Our lease is up at the end of next month. We've been looking for a house with a backyard for cheap. Another move...this will be the fifth place we'll have lived in three years. Wow. We have to start packing in the next few weeks. Weird.

Our three year anniversary is the 24th. It feels like forever and a moment at the same time. Boy, have we grown and changed a lot in those three years.

Hannah is currently watching the Care Bears dvd Nick's sister got her, for the five thousandth time. I would very much like to break that little piece of plastic, but then where would I be when Hannah says, "Bebears?"

I made bread last night. I would be proud of myself, except for the fact that I accidentely used tablespoons of salt instead of teaspoons. It's still edible, sort of. That and the fact that the dishes are still all over the kitchen kind of cuts back on the sense of accomplishment.

Now Hannah is banging on the piano, singing "tinkle, tinkle wittle guy, tinkle, tinkle witta gar." Then she picks up the piece of paper and pencil I keep on the piano, scribbles a little, puts them back on the piano, and continues singing. It's just about the cutest thing she has done. I've tried to get it on video, but my little camera doesn't seem to pick up the audio well enough.

I got to play the piano yesterday. Through a friend of a friend, I heard about a little church that needed a pianist this weekend. It was a traditional, liturgical service - hymns and responsive readings, etc. I had to play the last phrase of the hymn for an intro, and then two verses. There was no songleader, so I had to play solidly enough that the congregation could follow just me. It was really fun, and because of my background, really easy. And they paid me $75 for a 45 minute service. That was Really cool. :)

I suppose I'll go tackle my mountain of laundry. I've been trying to do the laundry all in one day so it doesn't end up laying clean all over the house all week, as opposed to one load a day like flylady recommends. One day of folding laundry is enough for me!

This concludes this boring blog.

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  1. Hi, Sara Kay. I enjoyed your post. Congratulations on making it into the professional church music ranks.

    Stop by my "hymn blog" sometime if you'd like.