Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Upon further thought

I don't see any way that seizure could have been caused by anything but the wormwood. I have spent most of the evening doing research. EVERYBODY says that is a problem. Several things point to it:
-I have never before had a seizure:
a.in the evening
b.while NOT on my period
c.without being sleep-deprived
d.without eating junk or not eating often enough
e.while not in the middle of a major life change (going to school, etc.)
-This seizure seems to have been stronger than the ones in the past. I actually broke blood vessels in my face during it. That has never happened.
-I had just increased my dose of the wormwood on Saturday, from 1-2/day to 3/day.
-I also had a little bit of sage in a meatloaf I made for dinner that night. The reading I did today says people with seizure disorders should avoid sage altogether.
-I have had two completely healthy pregnancies. Pregnancy is notorious for bringing on seizures in people susceptible. I didn't have one.
-I had JUST taken my pills when it happened, including the one in question.

It's just too weird. I'm going to see Dr. P on Saturday. We'll talk with him and see if he agrees. Based on the fact that it's been 3 years since the last one, and this didn't line up with the rest, it currently doesn't make sense to us for me to go on medication and endure the side effects and the cost.

We are still thinking that moving to a single-floor living situation would be more ideal and provide a little more safety, just in case. However, breaking our lease comes with another host of problems. Anybody want to take over our lease? $830 a month...it's a nice place!

We're very encouraged tonight, Nick and I. It still will be maybe a couple weeks before I don't look like I was beaten. It's pretty bad, folks. But, if we have just learned a little more about what will keep me and my family safe, it'll be okay.

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  1. It's good that you're able to narrow down the possible causes. That's so important, but often difficult to do.