Tuesday, February 6, 2007


So, I'm feeling a little better physically today. My mouth is starting to heal up. Every time I have one of these I bite my tongue pretty badly and it swells up and makes it hard to talk or even eat. I found an article online that said that a supplement I was taking can lower the seizure threshold. That makes me wonder.... Every time before, there has been an easily identifiable reason for the seizure. Worth looking into. Even though it's been 10 years since I was on meds, it appears that the same ones are still what is widely recommended, especially while breastfeeding, because there has been time to test them and insure their safety. Yeah. Don't like that so much. Those side effects are NASTY.

For right now, I'm just trying to concentrate on getting well, and we are spending our days at my parents' house so I don't have to be alone with the girls at home. Possiblities we are looking at include medication, finding a house or at least a property with two houses to share with my parents so they are close by to help, just us moving so we will no longer have a long steep flight of stairs, Nick working from home, and others. BUT! Maybe this was just a freak thing because of that wormwood I was taking for an intestinal problem, who knows? How can we know?

The worst part is the unanswered questions...

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