Thursday, February 15, 2007


I can't decide if I making this whole experience seem better or worse than it actually is. In the interest of fair reporting, here are the facts:

-My black eye is looking much better.
-My stomach hurts nonstop. Can't decide if that's because of what Dr P is having me take to straighten it out, or if it's just stress.
-Nick is having a hard time leaving me home alone, so he's way behind on his hours at work.
-If I get stressed at all, I see little flashes of light everywhere.
-I still have a hard time communicating. I forget words and can't translate feelings into words. I also cannot make decisions to save my life right now. I guess that's because of the concussion.
-So many people are praying for us. If you are among them, we are forever grateful. And it is helping!
-We are looking for a ranch style home to move to as soon as our landlord finds someone who wants our townhouse. Less stairs=safer living for me and the girls.
-Nick is going to begin working from home as soon as we can work it out.
-Things will get better.

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  1. You poor thing. I guess I should have read this before I commented on the original post asking how you were. Keep the faith. God has a plan!