Saturday, February 10, 2007


What a week this has been. When I had the seizure on Sunday, I was in our kitchen. I fell and hit the floor. Hard. I'm nursing a nice black eye and chin, as well as a black and blue right knee and hip. My tongue is also bruised and swollen. Five days later, I can finally eat without pain and I don't slur when I talk. I'm able to put makeup on my face to tone down the purple discoloration, but it is still very visible. This was just a tough experience all around.

We went to see Dr. P today. It was a rather somber visit. To make a long story short, my digestion gets all out of whack very easily. It always has. Any small amount of stress and I just basically quit digesting. It has been off for quite a while at this point...maybe a couple years since I really felt great. The wormwood I was on was to try to fix this, but instead it overwhelmed my system and triggered a seizure.

Events I have been through in the past three years without having a seizure:
-My own wedding and most of the planning of it (my last seizure was 3 months before our wedding, when I was in the airport flying back to Tulsa alone to visit Nick. I had gotten up at 4am.)
-FOUR moves, one of them being out of my parent's house for the last time
-Our honeymoon in Cancun
-My pregnancy with Hannah
-My c-section with Hannah
-My pregnancy with Audrey that started when Hannah was 8 months old
-My homebirth with Audrey
-This past summer, with landlord issues, a homebirth, and a move 4 days postpartum all at once

Any one of those could/should have triggered a seizure, seeing as how they are usually brought on by stress and lack of sleep. At this point, each one of those events is an extra measure of confidence.

So, based on all that, our plan is for Nick to begin working from home starting immediately. Thankfully, he works for my parents. He can do that. As soon as our landlord can re-rent our townhouse, we are going to move to a ranch-style house that will require very little going up and down stairs, just to be safe. And, most importantly, I'm on a new regimen to finally get my digestion under control. We've looked into medication some, but I'm not ready to quit breastfeeding, and Audrey getting that medication in her system can even cause learning disabilities. No thanks! Plus, what we're doing seems to be working well except for this little blip...

I most likely have a concussion, so if I'm a little spacey over the next few weeks, don't be weirded out. :) I feel a little like I have static in my head, but I'm looking forward to going back to my normal schedule as I'm able. I'm very grateful that any damage I have is temporary, and my babies are safe.

If you read all this, thanks for your concern and prayers for me and us.

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