Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Headlines

Oh, my goodness, where to start?

1. We had a fun weekend Sunday. Yesterday we went to the early service, came home, ate lunch and took naps. Then we went to the pet store in the evening and got Toby a leash and chain collar (because he weighs over 100 pounds, I figure I better be able to control him!), and a Huge tennis ball on a strap that means you can throw it without touching the slime on the ball itself. Everyone was happy, nobody fought, we got enough rest...good times.

2. Audrey twisted her ankle on Saturday. She's walking on it okay, but if somebody bumps it, she cries and you can tell it really hurts. Poor baby. On an unrelated note - she keeps clinching her teeth with her lower front teeth in front of her upper front teeth, and talking like that. It's so weird.

3. We had a traumatic experience last Tuesday that I still don't want to blog about. Our neighbors 3 pit bulls, (yes, the ones I've griped about before) actually attacked Toby. They came running out their front door while we were taking a walk, and went right for him. He had about half a dozen puncture wounds from the bites, and the neighbor came running with a flat shovel to hit the pits until they let go. Nobody could do anything. I had almost given my dog up for dead and grabbed my kids and run. He didn't need any stitches though, just a pain med and antibiotic. The biggest thing is my kids were safe. On Friday I read Psalm 124. Thank You God! We called the county sheriff, but did not press charges, and the dogs are gone now. Our neighbors even paid the vet bill. It was very terrifying, but everybody is okay, the dogs are gone, and I'm so thankful.

4. We had another consult Saturday. This one was super fun, because the bride is really creating her own gown. Money does not seem to be an object for her - she's talking about having hand embroidery done. (Anyone know someone who loves to do embroidery and does excellent work that we can pay to do it for us?) Anyway, just waiting on the sketch and I bet we get a deposit really soon. We also have two others wanting to schedule consults - one is getting married in December so we gotta get moving!

5. On Saturday we also met with a young girl who wants to produce one-of-a-kind shirts and dresses for boutique shops. If you're interested I'll have to tell you the story in person. She is designing her own handbag line that is being produced in Italy. She showed us her very cute and very unique designs and Holly's working on a pattern for one shirt and one dress. It'll turn out fantastic. She also showed us her handmade debutante gown. It was fun and...surreal.

6. We get a date night this week! It's been too long again. I'm excited.

7. Baby Keaton is here! I got to hold him at one day old. SO amazing. I can't believe people start out that small... And Hannah was even smaller!

8. I'm teaching in the evening this week so that Nick can be home with the girls - a challenge at times. I am moving away from classical lessons and toward teaching only people interested in worship improv. I like it so much better! Classical lessons are fun when people are motivated, but the years of work with young kids are just not my thing. Too tedious. It also gives me a chance to refine my curriculum. We're actually working on design layout for my curriculum now. Probably won't release it till next school year though...

9. I postponed my last mom's group meeting last week, after the dog attack, so that happens Thursday. Still sad about it being over on some level, but I know it's the right thing to do. I can still go and hang out!

10. We have had so much rain out here in the past week. Driving home last night there was fog in every valley. With the trees and the fog and the drizzling rain - so gorgeous! Now we just have to dry out the front seat of the jetta - it got left open yesterday. Oops!

11. My Gramma Himes sent me a $25 Target gift card for my birthday, and I just got around to using it last night. I got two new shirts. I haven't been able to buy clothes for myself in a while, so I'm very thankful for just that little amount! And what I got is super cute. :)

OK, I'm sure I could think of more, but I need to go do dishes and get ready for the day. How was your week?


  1. found your blog on joanna's. i am so sorry your dog got attacked! we have a chocolate lab as well(easton). 3 years ago he got attacked by our neighbor's dog too! we had to rush him to the emergency animal hospital, because he ripped his stomach open. he did have to get stitches & they had to put a drain thing in him & he had to wear a cone around his head for a week! it was not fun-and our son was only one week old-so stressful!!! im sure this was more info than you needed to know! lol anyway, i am so glad your dog is ok & he didn't need stitches!

  2. I'm so sorry about little Audrey! We're praying for swift healing! Glad the dogs are gone; that's such a scary situation! Love ya!

  3. Yes, I know someone who does Beautiful Embroidery! Kristen is your mother's cousin Gordon's daughter. Got That? :-)

    Trouble is she lives in Gladstone, OR and she busy with three Kids. It wouldn't hurt to ask her, though, if you don't mind sending it out. Her work is Gorgeous!

  4. Kelsie - nice to "meet" you, hope you'll hang around. :) Thanks, he's doing great now.

    Bek - She's doing better. The sight of a 2 year old limping around is SO sad!

    Donna - Yes, your comment did post several times. Not sure why that would be? I would be open to asking Kristen - do you have an email or something for her?