Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Toby

Here's Toby - our new 5 year old chocolate lab. His family didn't have the time to spend with him anymore. His coat was in pretty bad shape, and he's a little overweight, but he's shaping up very quickly with a bath, a good brushing, and LOTS of fetch in the backyard. :) He is SO mellow. Audrey already climbs on him, and lays her head on him. He just seems to love it. He and Moses have a shaky truce at this point - Moses actually chased Toby around the house the first night! He drools quite a bit. We have a drool towel in the kitchen. Heh. He makes me smile. He's just easy going and happy, and glad to be with us. :)
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  1. You are so brave. That's all. :)

  2. Good name, that was our second pick for Samwise. Jenna will be very excited since she was bummed about Sam not being a 'Toby.'

  3. I know, aren't I? :)

    That's what they called him - we actually thought about changing his name (Nick liked Clive), but it seemed like too much work. :)

  4. He's so cute!!! He's bigger than Hannah! How fun to have a new playmate for the girls! That is a big project you're tackling but it will be fun and pretty soon he will be like one of the family! (And he will be my friend as long as I don't get licked all over when I come visit you. J/k. I can handle it.)

  5. We almost named Cooper, Toby. But we opted for a C name instead.

    He is super cute, thank goodness he is mellow. I pray we find a mellow dog (but we are a house of high strung people--why should we expect our dog to be mellow).

    Hannah's hair is so cute, it looks like your hair.