Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Headlines

Hi People.

1. I'm sending out three, yes, three sketches for gowns today, along with a fourth that the bride wanted to edit a bit. Wow. I mean, I hoped we would get busy with Maeve, but there's just no way to tell until you get there. We have two fittings this week too. Now...anyone want to intern with us to learn to be a part time, flexible hours, sales associate? Once you can take over the responsibilities, there will be pay involved. :)

2. I love my doggy. That's all. He's a nice guy. Even if he does growl and snort and whimper in his sleep. All night.

3. We have mosquitoes. I know in many parts of the country this is not a big deal. We are essentially in the high desert, and that makes mosquitoes unusual...and super annoying. Not that they're not annoying when you're used to them. Plus, on me, the bites swell up to an inch and a half or more across and turn bright red. Good times. You might also be surprised how many insect repellents have soybean oil and/or grain alcohol in them. I'm totally going to make my own. Any tips? I hear tea tree oil, cedar oil, and some others in a carrier oil works well.

4. The sourdough starter seems to be working! It doesn't double in size after feedings yet like it's supposed to, but it is bubbly and smells wonderfully sourdough-y. Once I get this figured out I will post with all the details. :)

5. I have a new student starting this week, and will probably start a couple more in the next few weeks, with the beginning of the school year and the School of Worship in particular. This makes for busy Mondays!

6. New reading this week: The Search for Significance. Oh boy. If you have ever felt trapped by perfectionism, a need to please people, or a judgmental attitude, read this book. And prepare to have God put His finger on something that makes you squirm. In a good way.

7. I got a ticket on Saturday. Apparently when we refinanced our Jetta the dealer did some paperwork wrong, and our car wasn't even registered anymore. Like, they could have given away our plate number and there could have been two cars with the same plates. Not bueno. But, the ticket was $43 because the officer was nice and I honestly didn't have a clue it was expired, even though she could have made it nearly $100. Could have been worse! We're all legal-like now.

8. Bekah taught me and a handful of people how to crochet on Saturday. Good times! I am not convinced I am cut out to be a crochet-er, seeing as how when I got to the end of my first row, she said, "do you want to count and check it?" and I said, "NO!" But, it's a fun thing to know how to do. Maybe on those cold, snowy winter nights...or maybe for just a few minutes at a time. We'll see. :) Details have never been my forte... I'm so glad there are people who like to pay attention to detail and I can usually just work on the big picture.

9. Nick's parents are coming to visit this weekend. It's been about a year since they were able to come. Hopefully the weather will be nice and the mosquitoes will DIE between now and then. (Does that sound a bit violent? Sorry. I think I'm in rare form this morning)

10. Audrey's birthday is Friday. I can't believe my baby is turning 2! I think I want to get the girls sleeping bags for her birthday, but I have no other ideas. Any suggestions?

OK, time to go do something more productive.


  1. Target has these super cute sleepingbags that come in this cute matching butterfly backpack. It also includes a matching water bottle and flashlight. They are $10.99 and my kids love it. Across from the camping section.

  2. Crocheting--I never count my stitches ever, personally I find crocheting a little boring, it is very monotonous.

    That is awesome about the business. Very exciting.

  3. peppermint oil... DO NOT get it anywhere near the eyes. Seriously. good bug spray a la natural.

  4. Sleeping bags are a great idea. My sister Hadassah has the sleeping bag/backpack combo too and it has come in really handy! The Disney throw blankets (available at W-Mart) are a nice gift too for snuggling in during cool days. Jenna loves her Tinkerbell fleece.