Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. We got a dog. I still can't believe we did that so fast. :) I'll post about him later, after I get a good picture of him outside. Haven't gotten any good ones yet.

2. Finances. Ugh. The first of the month is so hard right now. It'll get better, but wow.

3. Still trying to get well from my wisdom teeth stuff. I went in for a checkup on Friday though, and they laughed the whole time at how well I was doing. Apparently "older" (meaning over 18) patients don't usually do too well. What they don't know, is I'm not even taking the antibiotic they wanted me to take. I'm using colloidal silver, Vit C, and tea tree mouthwash to prevent infection, arnica homeopathic remedy almost completely prevented any bruising, and bromelain helped with the swelling and pain - I only needed Advil for pain relief. I still have two holes in the back of my mouth, which I guess is normal since they said it all looked great. Gross. As long as I don't get too tired I don't need Advil. And it's done, finally. I'm glad.

4. We have two meetings for Maeve this week - a consult with a bride, and we had to reschedule with the fashion designer that needs someone to reproduce her designs for her. Not sure if we can make any money at the remains to be seen. We will also have a second fitting with Safiya in the next week or two. Anna's pics are now up on our facebook page and our blog.

5. Gluten... Sigh. Hannah's Sunday School class was playing with playdough when we dropped her off yesterday. For those who aren't GF, playdough basically coats every surface with poison, for a GF person. We could have chosen not to leave her, but she would have been heartbroken. I have no idea what to do about this one. I emailed the children's dept, asking for suggestions. At such a big church, you'd think there would be several kids with that issue. Maybe they could create a classroom for kids with food allergies?

Going on about this - I'm trying to figure out how to keep the dog from getting gluten all over the house all the time. His food has gluten in it, even the high-quality food we bought him. So, anything he licks could have gluten on it. With little kids who put their hands in their mouths all the time... I'm probably way over-thinking this. Anyone have any experience with this? Shelly, perhaps?

6. I made homemade fish sticks for dinner last night. Um, oh, my goodness. Delicious. Fish sticks are comfort food for me anyway, but FOR REAL! I made them with brown rice flour instead of the almond flour she uses (too expensive), and Ener-G egg replacer, and they turned out crunchy, tender, and perfect. They have frozen cod fillets at the health food store for relatively cheap. The whole dinner (with salad) was under $10. And, yum. The kids even gobbled them up and we all fought over the last one. :)

7. Mom's Group at my house this week - my last one. As of next week, I'm stepping out of leadership of the group. It's been a great 2 1/2 years, but after praying about it, I've decided it's time for me to move into a different season. Joanna will be taking leadership of the group as soon as she recovers from having her baby (still waiting on him as of this morning), and I'm excited to see where she takes it! The group has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I'm so grateful for everyone who has come, and for the friendships we developed. I hope the friendships will continue for many many years!

8. My dad came over to hang out last night. My mom and youngest siblings are in So Cal until Thursday night, so he's been on his own. My dad is very extroverted, so I would expect him to be lonely, but he created so many projects for himself while they were gone, that he's kept himself busy. Our girls just love him, and the dog let Dad use him as a footstool the whole time he was here. We made homemade chocolate ice cream, and chatted while the girls ran around like nuts. Good times.

Alright. Lotsa work to do today, and we need to play outside too. Have a great day!


  1. geez louise on the whole gluten issue. So did Hannah get sick?

    What did you name the dog? Pictures please :)

  2. Yes, I think she's sick. She's coping well so far, but she told me her stomach hurt really bad at bedtime last night, and she said her legs ache today. She's in the mode of fussing every time I tell her no, even if she's not on gluten, so it's hard to tell emotionally how she's doing. But she does seem to have some symptoms.

    I know! I gotta get a post up about him! He's hard to get good pictures of. :)

  3. Gluten. Ain't it fun? :p. I know you can make gluten-free playdoh, but I'm not sure that I'm cool with the idea of YOU having to make it. What's wrong with regular toys? Or crayons or something? :)

    I don't know how they do it at New Life, but at our church here, for some reason, it is necessary to give all the kids snacks. Oreos, goldfish, etc. Really? So every Sunday, I have to bring snacks and make sure the teacher knows not to let him have anyone else's snack. Blech.

    Finances... Jarid just finally took a look at our budget and is really taking an active roll in it, which is really helpful. But now I have to stick to budget! The issue is mostly food. With the way we eat, it's tough to keep it cheap, ya know? So it will be a challenge. We'll see what happens.

    Wait till you see the brilliant thing I did this weekend. The epitome of slightly obsessed... :) Or moronic.

  4. We do the same thing with snacks at church every week. Hannah is finally old enough to understand that she gets sick when she swipes other kids' snacks...and now playdoh. Hmm...

    The food budget is impossible. I'm a bit discouraged - can you tell?

    Can't wait to see it - now what? :)

  5. Yeah, we do the same thing with snacks at our church, too. It's annoying, and Benji is getting to the age where he's upset and feels left out of the "goldfish club". How can I explain to a four year old that he's NOT missing anything by not eating white flour, artificial cheese and MSG???
    The gluten thing with the dog isn't a problem for us; Benji doesn't have extreme gluten sensitivity, just major food allergies and some just happen to be to gluten containing foods. Can you try to find a gluten free dog food, or try feeding your dog "real" food? I've heard that dogs do quite nicely on some raw chicken and veggies- guess you'd have to feed him that outside, though! :-)