Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The verdict

My friend Staci had her son Ben tested for gluten sensitivity, based on the HUGE improvement they saw on a gluten-free diet. They got his test results back, and I think they are fascinating. We've never done any testing around here, just live based on the results. This makes me want to have the testing done! This is the testing method Dr P recommends, which seems to be much more informative than standard biopsy...


  1. I have to tell you that I really needed to see this today. Not that I'm feeling any direct conflict over this, but it's just nice to know that someone besides family thinks I'm on the right track. It's so overwhelming. I have to keep telling myself that we got a positive test result. The end. Sort of.

    Whew. I'm so worn out. Now we're on to apples and phenols. Blech.

    Does it get better ever? Are we going to just end up eating cardboard?

  2. It's a continual process. Something is upsetting Hannah...again. If you take them off something that's bothering them, sometimes they build up tolerance. So you fall back into old patterns and they end up sick again after a couple of weeks. It's not easy, or fun necessarily. I wish you guys could take him to Dr P and have him tested for all of those things so you don't have to do it by trial and error. More cost, less trouble. But the cost is the problem.

    In a culture so based around food, it's incredibly hard to feel like the only ones who live by the "eat to live" principle. You know, the one that says we eat to live, rather than live to eat? Most days, I am sure that it will be worth it in the long run though. Most days I'm sure... :)