Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Headlines

This morning, I feel the need to say how inaccurate of a representation of real life blogs sometimes are and must be. If you followed that sentence, more power to you.

1. I played for the little Presbyterian church yesterday. It was very little yesterday. I think there were about 15 people there. Most of them were about 80 years old. This church has been there for something like 50 years or more. Why is it dying off? I talked to a woman there one week, who has been attending there almost every week for 40 years. I came home feeling sad about this.

2. After my having to play that morning and then our own church, my kids were basket-cases, and we had to skip the birthday party we so much wanted to attend. Sometimes it's no fun being responsible.

3. We actually have a quiet week this week, by design. Having a hard time coming up with interesting things to say.

4. We have a month and a half left on our lease. Do we sign again? Do we move? We haven't found anything with a yard that is nearly as good a deal. There's this house a mile or 2 away that is totally brand-new looking inside (I looked in the windows.) :) 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage. Stacked front loading washer and dryer. 2+ acres. It's really pretty. They were renting it for $1500, but it's now been vacant for several months because nobody will pay that, even though it's a nice house. Maybe if it's still there we could make an offer (a much lower one!) in a month. It sure seems like a nice place to live. And very close to town.

5. I got a new student over the weekend. She's starting School of Worship in the fall and wants to get a head start. We are considering this a God-send, because I really needed a guinea pig for my curriculum. I can teach her from my own lesson plans and make sure they work! :)

That's about all I have this week. Maybe more later.


  1. I would make an offer! People are desperate these days with the housing market and who ever is renting it is probably sitting on two morgages and would be happy for some relief. It's worth a shot. The worst thing they could say is no. We had some medical bills from before the Air Force and my Dad sujested we ask for a settlement and offered them 60% of what we owed if we paid it upfront (thank God for stimulus checks) and they didn't even argue. They said okay that works and wiped the bills clean. People are just desperate for money and you might be surprized at what the homeowner will settle for.

  2. I followed :-) and totally agree with your first sentence! Do we all make our lives sound like we wish they were? I kind of try to just say what really happened, maybe that's why not many people comment on mine; it's just too boring and real!! :-)