Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ravencrest visit

I went to Bible School in Estes Park, Colorado for a year. Incredible experience. There were 70 of us students. We lived, ate, worked and studied together on top of the mountain. We studied the Bible 5 hours every day. I played with the worship band and we led worship there as well as toured around some, playing for high schools, youth groups, etc. I made some deep friendships. We studied the Word until I couldn't take in any more, and still it came. It changed me forever. This place means more to me than I can express, and so do the people who were there with me.

A couple of weeks ago, we went back for a reunion of my class. Here are some pictures of us up there.


  1. Love Estes Park. Remember when Colin & Chris & I went up to visit you when you were there. Ahh memories.

  2. Colorado is so beautiful, and so is your family! :-)

  3. I do remember that. Seems like another lifetime! :)

    Thank you, Shelly!