Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Headlines

Gotta make this kinda quick today...I've been on the computer long enough!

1. TWO final fittings this week. Once we get really busy I don't know how we'll avoid that (hire a sales associate - any applicants? I am literally working on the job description. Wedding expos this fall, you know...), but for now it's super busy. Their weddings are both July 5th, so new pics will be up then. I can't wait for you to see these gowns. They are SO great.

2. Shower for baby Keaton tomorrow night. :)

3. My meeting for my piano curriculum happened last Thursday finally, and things continue to move forward. There is some talk of having 100 copies of volume 1 (beginner level) printed by the middle of August for use during the School of Worship school year. Seems a bit ambitious to me, but I guess it's possible. I have the first draft of my part done, it would mean revisions and design work mostly. Depending on the response to the first volume, we could release probably two more. And if Integrity would pick it up for their conferences (definitely a possibility, given New Life's relationship with them), it could mean thousands of copies sold. Just dreaming a bit here, but it sure would be incredible. It's in God's hands!

4. We are in the process of re-working Sundays around here, due to the complete and utter emotional crash that I go through each week. Nick and I stayed up late last night figuring out what to do. The girls' routines get so messed up on the weekend that we end up fighting about naptime all afternoon each Sunday. Very stressful, and I end up feeling terrible about it. We always go out to eat with my parents after church, but it's just not working...

5. I have a cold. Super lame. I promise I will keep my germs to myself. But by doze is stuffy... Super doses of Vitamin C, colloidal silver, and pulsatilla are in order.

6. Nick's Birthday was Saturday. In Pueblo they have this swim beach thing using river water. It's surrounded by sand and there's a water slide and you can rent paddle boats, etc. We went down there and it was SO fun. It was 90-something, which is practically a miracle. The sunshine felt wonderful.

7. Happy Father's Day, Nick. Thanks for being such a terrific husband and father to our children. I don't deserve you, but I sure do appreciate and love you.

8. Made these brownies for Nick's "birthday cake." They turned out delicious - really chocolaty and chewy. I didn't have any date sugar, so I used a cup of agave nectar and a little less milk and it worked just fine. I always have to bake her recipes at least 15-20 minutes longer than she says though. Weird.

9. We should FINALLY get our stimulus check this week. Looking forward to it. New highlights and clothes, perhaps? Paying off bills, certainly.

OK, so this wasn't all that quick...


  1. --I would totally work for you if I lived in CO...we have so much fun working together. Two jobs...we have worked two jobs together--isn't that funny.

    --Weekend schedules...our weekends always are terrible with the kids due to the schedule being off. I have tried to explain to Chris that we need to stick to it, but he just wants to get as much done as possible.

    --Stimulus money...oh so nice to have. Enjoy some of it :)

  2. I wish you did live here! That would be fun. We did have a great time working together. A little too much time spent chatting at each other's desks perhaps, but I think we were among the most efficient there anyway. ;)

  3. I hear you about re-working the weekends. We teach Sunday school every other Saturday night all summer and my hubby works every other Saturday morning/afternoon, so the weekends get all muddled up. It seems to hard to grab some family time right now!