Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Headlines

I always say I'm going to make this quick, and it never is. But here's my latest quick attempt...

1. Birthdays this week - my dad's and my sister Holly's. Dinner at my parents' tonight. Yummy. And gluten free and kid-friendly! :)

2. Played for the Presbyterian church again yesterday. Very sweet people. And they had three visitors! I really do hope that church will grow again, and stick around. That community needs them!

3. did it get to be July tomorrow? I want to know.

4. We're doing fireworks at our house on the 3rd. We have the perfect place for the kids to stand BEHIND the fence, totally out of danger. I think it'll really be fun.

5. Painted the bathroom this weekend! Yay! After what...10 months? Now Nick just has to get the baseboards back in, and we'll be all civilized-like. It's a pretty sandy yellow color. I like it a lot. We also got low VOC paint, which hasn't been bad, except on Nick's allergies. It bothered me a little while we were painting, but we've just left the windows open since and it's airing the house out. I was worried about the chemicals. Glad it worked out.

6. We had another Maeve consultation last week. It's looking good for another client so far. It's REAAALLY hard, when a woman looks at you across the table and says, "Now, how many dresses have you done?" to say, "Well, 5." This client won't pull any punches. I totally understand her concern - I would be the same way, making sure someone wasn't going to rip me off. But MAN is it hard to be honest and yet try to calm their fears. She's excited, so I must have done okay. The dress she wants is really neat - a tiered ball gown in taffeta. She's about 5 feet tall, and has found it hard to find something that's not too poufy on her. We can fix that!

7. Finally got our stimulus check! We had a couple of nice dinners, and a few new clothes. Now to pay off some debt! :)

8. My house is a wreck. It's pretty ridiculous. I better get to it.


  1. I totally know what you mean about the client asking about how many dresses you have completed. Same thing when I first got started... but I understand their concern. It is a large sum of money they are putting forth and they want to make sure they get taken care of. But man, oh man... it's tough! You guys do such good work though, the dress speaks for itself. :)

  2. We're painting a room right now with low VOC paint; we've tried to use it every time we paint, but it's soooo expensive! We haven't bought any since last year and this time it was around $28 a gal.! The kind we use is called Lifemaster 2000- what did you use? I haven't been able to find another company that makes it.

  3. Thanks, Megan! It sure is tough.

    Shelly - we got our paint at Lowe's hardware store. It was $20 a gallon, and had a $10 (or $5, can't remember) rebate even! I think it's called Olympic. Also, Sherwin Williams carries a low VOC paint, but it's more expensive unless you catch a good sale.