Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Headlines

Good morning all,

1. Mother's Day was nice. I said this to several of my friends yesterday, but Mother's Day always strikes me as a funny thing. You take a hard working, selfless job (Motherhood) and try to celebrate it with a day that is all about you and what you want to do. It just doesn't really work that way very often. :) Audrey was pretty sick yesterday, so we stayed home from church. I got two homemade cards from the girls, and breakfast in bed. Later we played on the swingset with the girls. Then in the evening my parents came over to watch the girls so Nick and I could go to hear Pastor Ross and his wife Aimee speak at the Young Married's group at church.

2. Audrey had a really high fever for about 24 hours. Now she's just stuffed up and kinda quiet. I am so ready to be done with sickness for the season.

3. This was a busy week! We went to church last Sunday night, I had a rehearsal Monday night for my Tuesday worship thing (done for the summer now), Tuesday was our small group, Wednesday I had a Maeve Consultation. By Thursday I needed to stay home all day. Saturday I had a fitting for Maeve, and then Mother's Day... I feel like I keep backing out of things and something comes to take their place. Mainly it was a busy week for Maeve, I guess.

4. I made Cinnamon Raisin Bar Cookies yesterday. These are pretty stinkin' good, especially considering what's not in them (gluten, soy, dairy, egg, sugar). They're not super sweet, which I actually like because that means I will not black out every time I stand up for the whole next day after I eat a couple, but they have a chewy texture that is missing in most gluten free baking. Yummy. She uses flax seed meal in place of eggs - good way to add extra fiber and omega 3!

5. Random funny thing...Moses the cat has learned to turn off the bathroom light. Last night Nick took Hannah potty. He turned on the light, and Moses jumped up and turned it off again. He did that THREE TIMES!

6. I had been using Outlook for my email and calendar, but our old computer gets locked up very easily, so I decided to experiment with some other tools. Thunderbird is a much faster, much simpler, free email program. Along with Jott, and Remember the Milk, I've also been using Sandy. Sandy is pretty cool. Basically, you send it an email (or set it up with Jott and leave a voicemail), and add things to your calendar, tasks, or contacts. Then, Sandy will send you an email to remind you of whatever, whenever you asked for it. You can also access your list online. Remember the Milk is pretty handy for work stuff, but I like Sandy better for personal stuff, because then I don't have to have a long list of stuff in front of me all the time. Yes, I am a gadget person, and I love that there are so many free programs out there!

7. We're doing pretty well eating up all our fresh produce. I made chicken salads with maple-poppyseed dressing for dinner for Nick and me last night. We had broccoli with Apricot Chicken a couple nights ago. We've been eating fruit every day. I still have chard, spinach, beets, and one HUGE leek in the fridge. Those are the scary ones. Any brilliant ideas?

8. We did NOT get our tax rebate this week. :( We missed the fine print where it said that if you had preparation costs taken out, you would get a paper check by the end of June. We did Turbo Tax online and paid for it. Lame.

On that high note, I better go get our day started. Hope you moms had a great Mother's Day!


  1. I agree. Lame. We did our taxes online too...didn't read the fine print. Super lame.

  2. You asked for ideas on the beets...I like to cut them up and roast them in the oven (I put a tad of water in the bottom of the pan). They come out with a nice, rich almost sweet taste.
    I also like to saute an onion and then chop up chard and spinach and wilt them down with the onion. Sometimes I cook a bit of preservative-free, organic bacon and add that to the greens, also (my mom's from Tennessee- you know how Southerners like their greens!)

  3. Your cat is so weird!!! He's like a person. He cracks me up!
    We did Turbo Tax too but we got our gov. money! It came to our bank account. Strange. At least you have more time to look forward to the free money. :)

  4. Staci-Super lame is right!

    Shelly-Thanks! I will totally try that! Coming from Southern CA, I just don't get the greens thing, but they are so good for us, that we at least need to give them a fighting chance!

    Joanna-He seriously is like a person. It totally seemed like he was cracking jokes...