Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. We've been having sleep issues around here again. Last night it was Audrey with a stuffy nose that was keeping her from being able to suck her finger. The night before it was Hannah because she was too hot and her diaper was wet, but Nick and I couldn't wake up enough to figure that out for an hour or so. I am so tired.

2. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Just mostly hung out around the house.

3. I have almost all of my recipes collected onto that recipe software. This thing is really nice. You can import recipes from website or emails with just a couple of clicks. Considering I had recipes in 5 different places, meal planning is going to be so much easier! I also plan to make my file available to download, if anybody wants to. This might be a fun way to exchange recipes...

4. New Maeve Bridal site is up, mostly. If you know anyone who is getting married and needs a gown or bridesmaid dresses, we'd love to make perfect ones for them.

5. The girls are both stuffed up this morning. Yuck. Hopefully we can knock that out before it gets bad.

6. Not much planned this week. I had kind of reached burnout point. Lately I've been wanting nothing more than to stay home, clean, talk to the girls, cook, and read. I actually got out a needle and thread and mended a couple of articles of clothing last week. I'll probably write a blog about time here soon. It's been on my mind.

That's about all I got this morning. I'm pretty worn out. Anything interesting going on with you guys?

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