Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Highlights

1. I spent the weekend being sick. Lame. Currently I feel okay, but my voice is lower than my husband's and I have an earth shattering cough. I had fever and an intense headache for about 24 hours so I was in bed literally all day Saturday.

2. My amazing husband took care of everything and everybody. The house stayed relatively clean, the girls were happy and busy, he cooked for all of us, and brought me everything I needed. It was amazing.

3. I suppose I'll get a sick day from teaching today, which is nice from a rest standpoint, but not so nice from a money standpoint.

4. We're supposed to get snow flurries today. I kinda hope we do. The weather has been beautiful - so beautiful that I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving.

5. I got great deals on two new shirts and a pair of casual boots yesterday. So fun. I love new clothes.

6. In spite of being sick, we had a blast as a family this weekend. We laughed and smiled a lot. The credit goes largely to Nick, for working so hard and having such a great attitude. Thanks, honey.

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