Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Elderberry and flu

This is something fairly new to me, but I got an email from an email list about it today. Here's an article about how Elderberry can help you recover from the flu within two to three days. I also gave it to Hannah when she woke up with what sounded like croup one morning. She never coughed like that again - it was gone by the next night. What I have cost about $20, but seems well worth getting to have on hand if someone in your house gets the flu!

And while I'm on the subject, this article about Tamiflu and flu vaccines sums up what I believe about those. Wash hands, carry wipes in the car to use after going places, if you do get sick use Oscillococcinum and elderberry as soon as you feel it come on. These are safe even for very little kids at 1/3 the adult dose.

OK. Done with my soapbox for the day.


  1. Sara,
    Okay, that Tamiflu article was scary! Mike and I just finished a course of that stuff a few days ago! I got the flu from my sister when I visited her in Louisville and unfortunately brought it back to my husband. Now that I mention it, the drug did make me feel a little funny in the head! It's amazing what antibiotics and other prescription drugs can do!

  2. Sara,
    Wow, it's amazing who you find on blogs! I found your blog from your cousin Brian while I was reading Angie Beardens blog.

    Anyway... do you remember me? I was your baby sitter in Yorba Linda for a couple of months! I'm sure your life has changed dramatically since I last saw you sometime on vacation when you came to CA to visit your grandparents. After moving to AZ last year, we have been a busy family too.

    I read some of your blog entries, you are a well read mom! Keep up the good work, I know how tiring little ones are (my oldest is 7 and my youngest is 22 months!) but being a wise and Christ-like parent is the most important job you will ever have!

    Well, all this was just to say that I was surprised to find your blog, and encouraged by your dedication to your family. God will bless your faithfulness to raising your children!

    p.s. fyi... My grandmother, Katy Ramsey, has Alzheimer's disease. This article sites a link between Alzheimer's disease in the elderly and flu shots.


  3. Elizabeth, drugs are definitely powerful things. Glad you guys are feeling better!

    Laura, I do remember you! I didn't realize you guys had moved to AZ. I hope things are going well. I'll have to check out that article. I have read of links between aluminum and Alzheimer's. Antiperspirant is a big source of aluminum for most people. Seems harmless, but who knows? Good to hear from you!