Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Update

1. We are housesitting for my parents this week. They have two dogs, a wild-animal cat and a parakeet. Add my dog and cat and that makes for...a zoo. However, it is almost 3000 sq ft, as opposed to our 800, and they have the biggest flat screen tv you've ever seen, 5 acres, and lots of other fun stuff. Even with the zoo, I'm hoping it'll be relaxing. :)

2. The neighbor's pit bull was loose yesterday, so we called the sheriff. Come to find out, leash laws don't apply out here, so we can do whatever we need to, to any animal who threatens us with no fear of recourse, but they can't even make animal owners keep dogs fenced. He actually told us we could shoot the dog if needed (not that we own or have even ever USED a gun...). If the dog hurts somebody, the owners will have a felony charge...great. Helpful. Then we called our landlord to talk to her about it (she always wants to know what's going on) and she has decided to try to sell our house (she can't get enough in rent to cover her mortgage, don't know how she would sell it for enough). So, we almost definitely won't be moving until our lease is up May 31st. With a dog that gets loose. And we have to keep showing the house. I am DETERMINED to focus on God as our protector and provider through all of this. None of this is too big for Him...

3. We have hopefully two final fittings this week. I'm feeling a little discouraged about our business, honestly. Neither of us is good at managing the production aspect - it's super stressful to both of us, but it's gotta be done. We really need a seamstress with Holly's impeccable taste and attention to detail, who doesn't mind a little stress, to manage this part for us. I don't know anybody like that, nor can I pay them what they'd be worth. I'm contemplating not taking any more dresses at this point, just finishing the ones we've got. Seems like a shame. I hope we'll figure out something.

4. Starting a new piano student today. Pretty cool...she's about my mom's age, impeccably dressed and have a thick southern drawl. She wants to learn to play so she can perform "inspirational" songs. She probably either won't stick around long, or we'll end up really good friends...I hope it's the latter. :)

5. My kids are currently pushing Little People cars back and forth through the house, saying, "We have to wait until the light turns green again. Now, go!" I love them!

Alright...better go get ready, take care of kiddos, pack, clean house, work, and teach. Gotta get started!


  1. Sounds like it should be an exciting week at your mum and dads. 800sq.ft. compared to 3000sq.ft. is nice. :o)

    I trust you'll be safe even with maniac dogs on the loose...though it never hurts to keep a nice big shovel or baseball bat handy - just in case! Besides, it might be a nice agression-reliever! :oP

  2. Seriously. I'm still somewhat contemplating a BB gun... :)

  3. Oh...I'm so sorry about the dogs and the house! I feel for you - I don't know how you've been managing to keep the house nice everytime you leave. That would be way too much for me. But you are amazing and I know God will bring you something wonderful for sticking it out this long! And we will pray for safety with those crazy dogs. BB gun is a good idea. or maybe one of those tazer guns.

  4. Don't worry - I haven't really been keeping it clean every time I leave. She's only shown it on two different days in the past 2 1/2 weeks, so it hasn't been that bad. And this week I'll just leave it clean and not have to worry about it! Yay!