Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm feeling thankful tonight. I must list...

1. My check from the school of worship came two weeks earlier than I expected.

2. I was able to work 18 hours on my new job this week, which will considerably help the financial situation in the next week or so.

3. We each got a new article of clothing last night, of course I decided I don't like mine, so they get returned (a pair of shoes and shirt), but that just means I get to go shop again and find something I do like. This makes me excited. Anyone up for a shopping trip? :)

4. My kids are in bed and it's quiet, I no longer have to listen to the whining that has been almost constant from my youngest...but this is a blog about being thankful, so you didn't hear that part. ;)

5. My husband is so nice to me, and he takes my advice about music stuff, and then sounds even better, and it's, well...very attractive.

6. I have been disciplining myself to at least pick up the living room and girls' room every night before bedtime, so I wake up to a semi-clean house that I can, for example, vacuum. Or dust. Or some other such productive thing. This makes me feel much better about my house and really, life overall.

7. My church is an incredible place to be involved. I'm so honored to serve and give there.

8. Nick and I decided I need to plan to have coffee with girl friends regularly so we can actually talk without chasing children. This sounds pretty much heavenly.

9. I feel good tonight.

10. God has been teaching Nick and I SO much lately. We're always excited to share with each other what we're learning and talk about it. It's like what Pastor Brady was talking about today - seek first the Kingdom, and all these things will be added. When I focus on God, other things seem to fall into place with much less effort. "The place to start, is to believe God is good, and that you are His child..."

11. I am postponing my trip to the dentist, scheduled for Wednesday, just because I don't wanna go this week. So there. Take that!

12. Nick's going to come play with me for worship on Thursdays. Believe it or not, we actually have played together very little. God is reawakening that in both of us. Yay for the journey...

And that's about it. That's a lot... I should sleep now. Goodnight!


  1. Oh man...such conviction that I need to do a similar list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I'm so happy for you and that you get to work from home. Also I've been dipping out on the Dentist for 6 months or so because I don't feel like it. Even though when I bite anything remotly sweet I am tortured by pain... hmmm. I should reconsider.

  3. Count me in for the coffee with friends! :)