Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly Update

1. How do I put this well? New lessons learned on our latest Maeve gown this weekend... After paying for the hand embroidery the THIRD time, we might actually get it attached correctly. Next time, the gown gets totally finished and shipped off for embroidery ON the dress waaaaaay in advance. At least we have until the 1st. Whew.

2. In spite of that, we had a good weekend. Date night Saturday and a lazy Sunday afternoon. Love those.

3. We went to Jared Anderson's new cd recording last night. Always fun to see him play. He was playing an upright piano with the front of it removed, and they projected him playing in black and white on a white cloth behind him. Pretty cool looking... Gotta tell this story: on the fourth row from the back, there was a whole row of seats saved. We, with our kids, along with probably 100 other people were standing in the back because every seat was either saved or full. After 45 minutes, one of the women on children's staff came up to me and said we should just go move these people's stuff to the side and sit down in that row. I wasn't brave enough, so she did it and sat with us for a couple of minutes. We sat there the rest of the concert. On seriously the LAST song, a woman came up in a huff, and said to Nick, "Excuse me, these were the seats we had saved. Don't you know some people worship up front? We're missing stuff!" (Really? I mean, really? You're kidding me right now, right?) If they were missing stuff, it had happened long before we sat down. She gathered up her stuff and stalked off without waiting for a response. Moral of the story? Please don't ever act like that. :) I'm just glad it happened to us and not to a non-Christian, or someone from another church. Can you imagine?

4. you have any brilliant advice on keeping up with them? I seriously have a one foot tall pile of them sitting in my closet to be filed. Bills, bank statements, receipts, manuals for things...somebody help! :)

5. The neighbors walked their pit bulls down the street again the other day. They are definitely back. Hmmm...wish life was simpler sometimes...

6. We found a house we're interested in. We told the owner our situation, and he said if he doesn't find someone before April 1st, he might consider holding it for us until we can move. Our lease is up the end of May, so even if someone doesn't come rent ours early, we'd still get that house. Pretty's a log house on lots of at our house. ;) We'll see...God's got it all under control.

Teaching and other work today... Hope you have a great week!


  1. The pit bulls are back, after what they did to Toby...that is not right. I've watched the dog whisperer, those dogs are not properly trained.

    Good luck with the new house, a new space would be good for your family.

  2. Oh the papers. 2 drawers full of them in my kitchen, one drawer full in my dresser (really) one box in the coat closet, and two in my closet. When you figure out what to do with them, you tell me!

  3. Unwanted papers are the bane of my existence. I didn't like to file when I was working and I like it less now...add in the papers my husband hands to ME and says "WE have to file this." Really, WE?

  4. We'll pray for the house situation for sure - log cabin...sounds pretty sweet! :o)

    Unwanted We'll my suggestion is to get a bin or basket (if you don't have a file cabinet) to place them in with hanging folders that are labeled 'bills;' 'taxes;' 'piano;' etc. Then you just have to dicipline yourself to stick to the system. Go through it; toss; sort; etc...

    Good luck! :o)

  5. I totally HAVE a filing cabinet, I just don't have the time to put the papers IN it. What a mess... :)